According to Amazon’s subsidiary, Alexa Internet, currently has a higher web traffic rank than leading New Hampshire media sites ‘Laconia Daily Sun’, ‘Keene Sentinel’, ‘Nashua Telegraph’, and ‘Conway Daily Sun’, among others.

While The Liberty Block is an opinion site with a clear bias towards liberty and limited government, we consider ourselves to be a media site due to our large amount of reporting on New Hampshire politics. Last year, with help from our amazing readers, we reached around 40,000 Facebook users with our numerous articles opposing HB628, the income tax bill disguised as a family medical leave insurance bill. The bill passed the House and failed in the Senate.

Over the past few months, we have published dozens of articles, primarily regarding politics in New Hampshire. Our posts have reached over 70,000 people on Facebook over the past 28-day period, according to Facebook’s statistics.

As of this writing, the current Alexa traffic rank for is #43,128 among all US-based sites. This seems to place The Liberty Block in 6th place among all media sites based in New Hampshire. Only Union Leader, Granite Grok, Fosters, Seacoast Online, Concord Monitor, and NHPR appear to have more web traffic currently than this website. (WMUR is an ABC affiliate which reports on New Hampshire)

Just a few months ago, The Liberty Block was barely in the top-10 among New Hampshire media publications and Granite Grok (New Hampshire’s only other top-ranked pro-freedom publication) was around 7th place. Perhaps due to the massive amounts of anti-freedom laws that New Hampshire Democrats are proposing (and passing), New Hampshire citizens seem to be increasingly consuming pro-freedom media lately, boosting Granite Grok to 3rd place and The Liberty Block to 6th place. If this trend continues, the top two sites in New Hampshire’s media arena may both be libertarian in nature.

We cannot express enough how much we appreciate all of our contributors, volunteers, readers, and viewers for their continued support and their brilliant contributions! The Liberty Block is only getting started, though.