By Megan Marie S. 

The Resolve Enters Stage Two!

On Friday, August 5th, over 300 pro-liberty Granite Staters gathered at the Kingswood Art Center in Wolfeboro, NH for The Resolve Initiative Candidate Debates. Twenty candidates attended to introduce themselves to the audience. The six-hour event included debates for the races that had more than one candidate.

If you are unfamiliar with The Resolve, it is a massive orchestrated pre-primary/write-in campaign to force a hand count in the election. This will help ensure that we the people can elect liberty-minded officials who will help return us back to the Constitution and our God-given rights. You can sign up and become a member at any time on the website listed above with just an email (to receive newsletters), and your zip code. 

There will be a sample ballot out soon with The Resolve candidates for you to use and share. Also, you can join in on the recruiting and “get your 10” by picking up cards and signs at many locations across the state.

Inside the arts center, attendees could purchase Resolve merchandise, enter raffles, get copies of the NH Constitution (because if you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any!) and meet candidates one-on-one to discuss the issues that mean the most to them. It’s hard to describe the feeling within that lobby as anything other than powerful. The buzz of people sharing their concerns and having real conversations with the candidates sparked hope inside me that we are witnessing a real shift among the people – recognizing our strength and working to take back our freedoms.

Taking the stage for State Senate were David Devoy (District 2), Nancy Cunning (District 3), Edmond Laplante (District 9), Ian Freeman (District 10), Keith Carlsen speaking for Michael Yakubovich (District 16), Richard H. Girard via video recording (District 20), Peter Torosian (District 22), and Lou Gargiulo (District 24). For Executive Council, we heard from Harold French and Kim Strathdee (District 2), Anne Copp (District 5) and Terese Grinnell (District 4). Justin Worthley (running for Carroll County Sheriff) also made an appearance at the end of the night. And finally, the candidates for Governor: Jay Lewis, Karen Testerman, Julian Acciard, and Thad Riley. Dictator Chris Sununu was invited, but declined to RSVP….

Constitutional scholar Daniel Richard acted as moderator, asking questions about the Governor’s source and limit of authority, what the candidates believed would constitute a mandate or executive order, acceptance and dispersion of federal aid, election integrity, and much more. The candidates each had their own unique and well-formed answers but all largely agreed on their stances, citing the Constitution and vowing to stop the government overreach, especially as it relates to the recent phenomenon of corona-fascism.

The audience was also invited to fill out index cards with questions they had for the candidates, but unfortunately, they ran out of time before answering them all. Luckily, Karen Testerman, Thad Riley, and Julian Acciard did all find the time to answer the questions provided – those answers can be found on the ‘We the People NH’ Facebook group and on their Telegram channel.

The end of the debate signaled the beginning of the online vote on The Resolve’s website to choose the candidate for Governor and State Senate for District 2. After a weeklong window in which anyone could input their email and zip code to make their vote count, Karen Testerman was selected as the official Resolve candidate for Governor with 61% of the vote. 

Those who voted for her cited her position on the 2nd amendment, sanctity of life, her vast knowledge of the Constitution, and her lack of concern for what the “establishment” might think of her. 

Personally, when I first met Karen, I had no idea who she was. I just saw her as a welcoming fellow patriot live streaming and joining in the fight. It wasn’t until later that I learned who she was and that she was running for office. The fact that she was there, proudly standing with us and sharing it to the world made a very big impact on me. She is truly one of us.

With the candidates selected and less than a month to go before the primaries, now is the time. Spread the word, help register voters, organize an event in your area, volunteer as a door knocker…get the word out! It is up to us to ensure that we take back New Hampshire and we can do it, together. With God and potentially hundreds of thousands of Resolve members joining arms and standing behind our candidates and against the establishment…we cannot fail. Make sure to sign up for The Resolve and sign up as a volunteer at

As Daniel Richards said as he stepped up to the podium Friday night with a smile, “Welcome to the revolution.”

Below are the endorsed candidates, who you should make sure to VOTE for in the primary on Tuesday September 13th!

  • Dist: 1 Gary Whitehill
  • Dist 2: Dave DeVoy
  • Dist 3: Nancy Cunning
  • Dist 4: Seamus Casey (Also endorsed by The Liberty Block)
  • Dist 5: John McIntyre
  • Dist 7: Thomas Dunn
  • Dist 9: Ed LaPlante
  • Dist 10: Ian Freeman (Also endorsed by The Liberty Block)
  • Dist 11: Gary Daniels
  • Dist 12: Kevin Avard
  • Dist 13: Stephen Scaer
  • Dist 15: Linda Rae Banfill
  • Dist 16: Michael Yakubovich (Also endorsed by The Liberty Block)
  • Dist 18: Ross Terrio
  • Dist 20: Richard Girard
  • Dist 22: Peter Torosian (Also endorsed by The Liberty Block)
  • Dist 23: Dan O’Shea
  • Dist 24: Lou Gargiulo

This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Liberty Block or any of its members. We welcome all forms of serious feedback and debate.