One could make a strong argument that the primary cause of our societal issues is the destruction of the nuclear family model. I refer to the ever-increasing number of people receiving some type of welfare in the US (food stamps went from 32 million to 46 million throughout Obama’s term), the decreasing percentage of adults in the workforce (down from 66% to 62% throughout Obama’s term) and the issues that at least in part stem from an utter lack of parenting, including  violent protests, cries of unfair social justice and the entitlement mentality of many of today’s teenagers.

‘The oldest play in the book’

When people attain power, nature dictates that they want to stay in power and eventually gain more power and more control over the people. This is one of the main reasons that no politician who spends more than a few years in Washington DC maintains their integrity and continues to faithfully represent their constituents. Those who want full control over people understand that making and keeping people needy and dependent on government assistance earns their votes for as long as a government program lasts (and no welfare program has ever been discontinued, to my knowledge). The goal of attaining & increasing power is pursued in many ways. The government regulates all businesses, both those in existence and those that entrepreneurs wish to start, with crippling regulations and taxes. They then tax the individual employee when they receive their paycheck (up to 54%), when they spend their earnings (up to another 9%), when they purchase a home (up to  20-30k a year for property taxes), when they die (in the form of estate taxes (up to 40%), road use taxes (meters, tolls, tickets, etc.) and gasoline taxes. All of these regulations and taxes crush the economy. When this leads to people struggling to put food on the table, the government steps in (with their newly acquired ‘funds’) and tells the struggling person that they can sign up for one of over one hundred government programs to receive money REDISTRIBUTED from other people who work but gross slightly more. Upon realizing that it is possible to receive up to 50-100k a year in welfare, many recipients of government assistance stop looking for jobs. 

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These people have then reached the point where they become financially dependent on the government, which contributes to their disdain for those (conservatives and libertarians) who don’t support compulsory redistribution of wealth. 

The socialists (American democrats) then use their political position to justify the wealth redistribution to the people who are receiving it, as well as to the people being robbed by the government. 

How do they accomplish this?

Democrats know that they cannot use economics, historical evidence, the Constitution, or even logic to steal from people who they decide have too much and give it to those who they decide have too little. So, they invoke the concept of ‘social justice’. They tug at the heartstrings of the most emotional of creatures: Humans. Over the past decades, the left has drilled into the heads of minorities that they are victims of a racist society and are therefore at such a tremendous disadvantage, that the government must rectify it by taking from the racists and giving to them. They further use the public school system, which is controlled by the left with the help of the unions, to accomplish this goal.

Sadly, this has worked out very well for ever-growing government. Over the past decade, the federal government has stolen increasing amounts of money from earners and redistributed increasing amounts of money to their voting base. And minorities are perpetually hoodwinked into voting for the most evil, controlling of politicians — politicians who steal money from Adam, give it to John, and then praise themselves for being so generous and for advancing progressive ‘social justice’. 

Married to whom?

This culture of welfare is epitomized by the people in my city: NYC. Unfortunately, a high percentage of minorities in NYC have been tricked by sleazy politicians to fall for the ruse of government dependence for so long, that they don’t even realize that they are raising their children in a manner that perpetuates this dependence and keeps them down. Instead of teaching their children to work hard in school, sports, and business, parents raise them to collect as much welfare as possible. The most successful black, Hispanic, and Asian people that I know all have a few traits in common: They NEVER consider themselves victims or pity themselves, and they all work hard. Some of the most successful, intelligent, experienced, well-travelled, articulate people whom I look to for guidance happen to be black, Hispanic, or complex mixes, and they often come from terribly disturbing childhoods, much worse childhoods than the famous “I was raised in the hood by my grandma, it ain’t my fault”. If Ben Carson can go from that situation to being a leading neurosurgeon, many others can also get out of the hood and get married before impregnating teenagers. On the topic of teenagers: The Bronx, which is one of the most ‘minority’ counties in the US, also leads NY in the teen pregnancy rate with 77 out of every 1000 teens being pregnant. This is the result of decades of democrat rule in NYC convincing minorities that the government will forever finance their lives with the money that they tax from rich white racists (or paramedics who work overtime just to hit 50k a year). So when the government is paying for whatever you want to do with your life, why would you get a job? Why would you even need a man? If you can have all of the unprotected sex that you desire without having to worry about who will feed your children, why marry the father of your children. You can just marry the state, knowing that as long as libertarians do not run the government, you will be guaranteed a stable income. You will actually receive MORE money if you have more children. They will literally give you cash. NY will give you up to $789 a month of my money if you are a single mother. That is only one of 100 or so programs that redistribute wealth to those moms who choose to marry the state. 

Are you starting to see why it’s so attractive for young women to opt out of the prototypical American family model for an opportunity to go through their lives with no romantic commitment and no work?

The price

All of this comes at a very real price: In order to spend over $1,000,000,000,000 on 184 welfare programs, it means that someone making as little as 45k in NYC often pays over $16,000 a year in taxes. This means that he can no longer feed his family. So what does he do? You got it — he applies for the benefits that he once resented, and begins to vote for ‘democratic socialists’. 

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