By Lewis Delia for The Liberty Block

On Saturday, January 28th, the New Hampshire State Republican Committee (NHRSC) resoundingly passed a resolution calling on the Attorney General to investigate the COVID vaccine manufacturers for fraud and wrongdoing. Freshman state representative Jason Gerhard brought the resolution to the floor shortly after Donald Trump addressed the crowd of roughly 500 state committee members. 

“The fact that there were only a handful of nays in regard to this resolution really shows how much public opinion has shifted. We need to maintain the momentum and get to the bottom of this. As I’ve said before, establishing fraud is key to shattering the immunity shield Big Pharma bribed the federal government into providing,” Rep. Gerhard said.

Just 10 days prior, the Merrimack County Republican Committee passed the same resolution. As to what’s next, Rep. Gerhard told The Liberty Block that “I’m going to be working on getting the Democrats on board. It’s hard to see what their objection could be. Either they stand with the people of this state against abusive corporate power or they have been co-opted by it. And if they have sold out, then the people who put them into office ought to know about it.”

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