On Monday, February 20th, NBC published its new thrilling documentary series about the unrivaled liberty movement in New Hampshire. 

For nearly a year, two video journalists from NBC Boston have been following and interviewing participants in the world’s largest freedom migration: The Free State Project. Over the past few years, around 5,000 Americans who have grown sick of living in authoritarian states have made the move to the live-free-or-die state. New Hampshire is the undisputed #1 freest state in the union and is trending more libertarian in myriad ways each day. 

The team also interviewed opponents of the Free State Project. The authoritarian interviewees condemn the liberty movement as ‘dangerous’ and ‘secretive’. Of course, the foundation of the liberty movement and the FSP is non-aggression, meaning the participants epitomize peacefulness. And free staters and libertarians in general are quite possibly the most open and transparent individuals one could ever encounter. Both of these characteristics are evident throughout the series. The anti-liberty activists support a larger and stronger government, less personal liberty, higher taxes, more government control over education, more government spending, and more policing and surveillance. 

Dan Ferrigan and Shira Stoll from the NBC crew made the long trip to Porcfest 2022 and have attended many other liberty events, compiling hundreds of hours of video for their docu-series, which they have edited themselves. At noon on Monday, the first 7 of the 11 episodes will be available for streaming on NBCBoston.com, which currently has a four-minute trailer for the series. 

According to the site’s description: An NBC Boston Original Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of New Hampshire follows a libertarian political migration known as the Free State Project. Twenty years ago, one man penned a manifesto encouraging 20,000 libertarians to sign a pledge and move to the Granite State for more freedom. Now “The Free State Project” is shaking up politics and communities in New Hampshire and growing in strength and numbers.

Each episode will focus on a distinct issue. 

1. The Manifesto

2. Porcfest 

3. The Move

4. Secession 

5. Croydon p1

6. Croydon p2

7. The Impact

8. The Free Town

9. NH Primaries

10. The Crypto 6

11. The Pursuit of NH.

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