After watching the Exeter High School gun-control town hall and reading the op-eds that followed, a major takeaway was that the New Hampshire Medical Society appears to be a gun-control association, perhaps even more so than a medical society. The group’s president, Dr. Korn was one of the panelists at the April town hall meeting and continually advocated for ‘registering and prohibiting firearms’ throughout the event. He also joined the rest of the panel in accusing a Republican Representative of having ‘white privilege’ and he didn’t seem to have any issues with the assertions that masculinity in itself is ‘toxic’. In short, he seems to be a typical radical leftist who seeks to use authoritarian government to control the citizenry as much as possible. In his case, he also uses his authority as a medical professional to disarm good Americans and Granite Staters.

Many tyrants use medicine to destroy the individual right to bear arms

On April 29th, the anti-2nd amendment psychiatrist from Portsmouth published an op-ed on voicing his support for Chicago-style gun control in New Hampshire.

“Let me add my voice to the discussion of gun violence that is taking place throughout our country.”, begins the op-ed, written by a doctor who seems to hate firearms more than he hates heart attacks, overdoses, and alcoholism.

Why not add your voice to the discussion on any of the 10 leading causes of deaths in NH, none of which are firearm homicides? Why spend your Friday night at a panel convincing high school students to support gun control despite New Hampshire having the fewest homicides in the nation at 15-20 per year statewide instead of addressing the 39 homicides that Chicago has had in the month of April alone? Don’t you care that over 700 people have been shot in Chicago since New Year’s despite their super-strict gun control? Why not go back to being a doctor and add your voice to the discussion on obesity and diabetes? Or heart disease? Or cancer? Or COPD? Don’t you care about the 500 deaths per year in New Hampshire from opioid abuse? You identify as a psychiatrist; shouldn’t you be working on mental illness and addiction?

According to the CDC, cancer and heart disease combined to kill over 5,000 NH residents in 2016. Shouldn’t this doctor be more focused on decreasing the amount of husbands, grandmothers, and children that NH residents lose to those horrible diseases instead of using government to remove firearms from free people and leave them only the hands of politicians and law enforcement?

In the op-ed, Korn fires back at two Republican Representatives who wrote op-eds about the unwelcoming anti-gun agenda that was apparent at a recent town hall about firearm policy, which was supposedly organized by high school students. Representatives Gordon and Abrami were on the panel with him at the town hall meeting that took place in Exeter on April 13 and were apparently displeased with the anti-gun sentiment. “It is true that Mr. Abrami’s comments were met with some boos and disrespect, but he was still appropriately able to express his Republican views on the issue of gun violence in our schools and country.”, wrote Korn.

During the town hall, the psychiatrist mentioned the five anti-gun planks that the New Hampshire Medical Society supports:

1) The New Hampshire Medical Society supports repealing the Dickey Amendment. Dr. Korn claimed that the Dickey Amendment prevents the CDC from ‘studying gun violence’. This is not exactly correct. The Dickey Amendment prohibits the CDC from actively lobbying for gun control. Keep in mind that despite super strict gun control, there were over 800 people killed in 2016 in Chicago, 90% of which were from guns.

2) The New Hampshire Medical Society supports banning assault weapons. Dr. Korn believes that only the police and military should have ‘assault weapons’.

3) The New Hampshire Medical Society supports banning high velocity bullets. Dr. Korn said: “In medicine, we see that high velocity bullets do more damage…they shatter bones”. I don’t know how many gunshot wounds psychiatrists see, but let’s not make fun of him for that blunder. While the speed of the projectile is a factor in potential damage, there are many other factors that are probably at least as important. Among them are size, weight, placement, luck, (the tiniest bullet is probably lethal if it strikes the brain stem, heart, or major vessel) and type of projectile. We could safely assume that this leftist wants to see all ammunition banned, so this distinction is not too important, though.

4) The New Hampshire Medical Society supports red flag laws, which politicians and radical leftists love because they allow the government to confiscate firearms from people without any conviction. These laws allow angry relatives of a gun owner to tell the government that a person may be dangerous or crazy. If a judge agrees, law enforcement is sent to confiscate the victim’s firearms.

5) The New Hampshire Medical Society supports doctors maintaining the right to ask patients about guns in the home. While this may appear at first glance to be a simple ‘first amendment’ debate, there is a lot to know about the decades-long war that the government has been waging against gun owners using the medical profession.

It is crucial that those who believe in liberty remain vigilant to the perpetual threats we face. Many people may use their authority as doctors or politicians to do great damage to freedom. Do not tell your doctor that you own firearms. Do not tell them that you suffer from anything that could be construed as a ‘mental’ issue. If they ask, simply lie. It’s not a crime to lie to your doctor. Not yet, anyway.