A House Concurrent Resolution proposed in New Hampshire would express the sentiment that the legislature condemns the use of violence against any group of people who support peaceful separation and self-governance. 

The sponsors of the bill are all republicans. Jason Gerhard, Matthew Santonastaso and Thomas Mannion came together to propose HCR6 because they believe any use of violence against a group of people simply wanting to govern themselves is “barbaric, authoritarian and antithetical to liberty,” according to the resolution. 

This legislation presents a wonderful opportunity for lawmakers to show their support for independent states all over the world, including Ukraine, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Britain, Scotland, and even New Hampshire, Texas, and California. The right to leave a failed, abusive relationship is a basic right that few people would dare dispute when it comes to humans. In 2023, few people in the civilized world would argue that no-fault, unilateral divorce should be illegal. Of course, the legal and moral case for peaceful separation from a union and independence for a state is much stronger than it is for a person who simply seeks a divorce. 

The resolution calls the right to self-governance a natural right, meaning it comes from the nature of being human and no government can justly use violence against a people who peacefully separate. The resolution does not endorse secession. It condemns the use of the military, bombs, and fighter jets against people for the ‘crime’ of supporting independence. 

A 2022 survey found that only 6% of Americans support using the military/violence against a state that votes to secede from the union. Indeed, war is not popular, especially against people from a neighboring state that simply want to live their own lives.

The House killed this bill by voice vote.

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