Since legislation in support of New Hampshire independence was filed last fall, support for peaceful separation from DC has flourished. While CACR32 did not pass the legislature, the outpouring of support for independence from the disastrous union controlled by DC has only continued to pick up steam. The New Hampshire liberty movement has no central leadership, which allows the members of the broad community to maneuver extremely quickly. Other movements may have one official organization. But the liberty movement in the live free or die state is no ordinary movement. 

The websites created by normal New Hampshire residents in order to promote New Hampshire independence from DC include, NHexit.US, and They are all very real sites with lots of unique and high-quality articles. The non-profit Foundation for New Hampshire Independence is another organization that educates the public on the benefits of peaceful separation and state sovereignty. Many other NH-based websites, including The Liberty Block, are not primarily secession sites, but do strongly support the idea. And the latest one to join the party is a state-registered political action committee called the ‘New Hampshire Independence PAC’. Its website, allows those interested in peaceful separation to donate any amount once or monthly through their site. Matt Sabourin dit Choinière says that they hope to begin accepting alternative currencies such as crypto very soon. 

“The plan is to make it so that if people would like to donate in cryptocurrency, they can. As far as accepting gold and silver, that is in the plan for the future.”, Sabourin told The Liberty Block. 

Both the chairman and the treasurer of the PAC are veterans who fought for the freedoms that they are watching fade away due to DC politicians’ tyrannical actions. 

The PAC already has numerous one-time and monthly donors, and we encourage anyone who supports the right of the people to be allowed to vote on independence to donate $5 or more per month to the NH Independence PAC. The FNHI already accepts donations and recently commissioned a poll on secession via Survey USA for $50,000. What separates NHIPAC from the FNHI is that the PAC can spend all of their money on directly supporting pro-independence legislation and legislators, whereas the Foundation cannot. 

This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Liberty Block or any of its members. We welcome all forms of serious feedback and debate.