Progressives ttend to believe that the government should tax a large percentage of each person’s income. Some believe in total socialism; a system in which the government confiscates all income. They believe that politicians can best allocate money, and that citizens outside of the government cannot be trusted with money. Progressives generally believe that the government should totally control education, healthcare, businesses, and many other institutions, depending on the specific individual.

Many conservatives believe that politicians should tax their citizens only in order to fund government services and projects. Support for the military, law enforcement, courts, border security, and education, and a small amount of welfare seem popular among conservatives, though they often believe that the government wastes too much money or uses it on the wrong projects. 

Taking a slightly different view, libertarians believe that politicians generally waste money, and they generally spend too much. Libertarians would say that politicians support unnecessary programs, such as war, surveillance, prohibition, education, and welfare. 

Voluntaryists and anarcho-capitalists have a radically different perspective. First, they believe that politicians should not steal ANY money from any person by force. If theft is immoral and unacceptable in a civil society, we should not excuse theft simply for being ‘minimal’ or ‘used for popular programs’. Second, many voluntaryists believe that politicians do not generally waste our tax dollars. If they did light our money on fire or throw it into the garbage, voluntaryists would be quite happy (not just because it would cause a deflation of the money supply) compared to how they feel about the government now. What politicians do with the money they steal from us is much more sinister than simply wasting it: they use that money to hurt us, control us, and kill us. They use the money to make our lives miserable and to erode our freedom increasingly every day. And you are forced to fund it. 

If you have concerns about the increasingly tyrannical police and surveillance state, keep in mind that all of those programs are funded by politicians with your tax dollars. Don’t like perpetual wars in every state on Earth? You are funding those billion-dollar missiles, planes, tanks, and guns. 

But doesn’t the US government use tax dollars to protect us from evil terrorists like the Taliban? Actually, they used your tax dollars to buy 25 billion dollars worth of military weapons – which were then given to the Taliban. The DC politicians did the same with ISIS. Your tax dollars also pay for billions of dollars of welfare to nearly every nation on the planet. Every evil thing that politicians do – from suppressing ivermectin to enforcing corona-fascism, is all funded by your tax dollars. 

Lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, controlling and shutting businesses? You pay for the politicians and cops to enforce every corona-fascist mandate. 

The IRS will soon hire 87,000 more agents and will soon have perpetual access to your bank account, so you won’t be able to hide anything from them. Who will pay for the massive increase in the IRS budget? You will, of course! 

Moral people who don’t want to hurt others ought to do everything in their power to stop funding the criminals who justify their increasingly abusive behavior by masquerading as ‘the government’.