By Megan Davis for The Liberty Block

Terese Grinnell and the 7 other defendants in the Noble 9 case filed a motion to disqualify the prosecuting attorneys, arguing that the prosecutors do not work for the Attorney General’s office, the state’s prosecutorial agency.

The attorneys that have been representing the state in the Noble 9 case actually work for the Department of Safety and report directly to Governor Sununu. Therefore, there may be a conflict of interest.

Thus, the attorney that represents seven of the eight defendants has filed a motion to have an attorney from the Attorney General’s office represent the state. 

On trial for doing nothing?

Terese and seven other defendants (excluding Monica Holm) are going on trial for their “disorderly conduct” on October 13, 2021. The trial date was postponed due to an issue with the state attorney.

Their trial will be the 6th hearing of their case. At the 5th hearing, the judge watched the video of the alleged disorderly conduct, and although she saw and heard no disorderly conduct, she allowed the case to proceed to trial. 

Following the 5th hearing, Judge McIntyre, who presided over the first five hearings recused herself from trying the case. It appears that watching the video evidence and pushing the case to trial was too much for her.

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We all need to support the Noble 9 and stand with them. Governor Sununu cannot think that he can get away with arresting citizens for doing absolutely nothing other than disagreeing with him.

Watch the video to see the arrest.

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