On April 23rd, 2020, Concord police arrested three New Hampshire citizens for bringing their children to a playground. The women faced ‘disorderly conduct’ and ‘criminal trespassing’ charges for being in the tax-payer-funded playground despite the city government prohibiting its use to the COVID. 

On Wednesday, August 11th, a judge found Rochelle Kelley not guilty on both charges. The judge ruled that although she brought her children to the park against the corona-fascist law, she left when the men with guns threatened to use violence to force her to leave. The prosecution argued that it took her six minutes to obey the armed thugs’ orders. 

Kelley was represented by Dan Hynes, a former legislator and liberty activist who focuses on civil liberties in his legal practice and activism. 

Libertarians are celebrating the win, though some remain pessimistic about the state of affairs that allowed politicians to send men with guns to punish healthy people who bring their children to public playgrounds. 

As we mentioned in previous articles and in my book, children are at a negligible risk from COVID. Children are much more likely to die from choking or burning to death than they are from the virus.