Ever since her historic upset in the Democratic primary for US House in June of 2018, former ‘Statist of the Month‘ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been in the news cycle nearly every week, it seems. Indeed, her defeat of 19-year incumbent Joe Crowley in the primary caused one of the most elite congressmen in the Democrat Party to lose his seat in the House. Crowley was considered an old, white, moderate Democrat and Cortez is a youthful, inspirational socialist. It’s no wonder she won. In the November elections, she easily beat out the Republican candidate and was chosen by voters from the Bronx and Queens to represent them in Washington starting January 3rd, 2019.

The 29-year-old self-proclaimed ‘Democratic Socialist’ has made enough blunders during her interviews since election day to give conservatives infinite ammunition in their mission to paint Cortez as an inexperienced, foolish socialist who knows frighteningly little about American civics and free market economics. Some media outlets have been eager to capitalize on every opportunity to call Cortez stupid for (intentionally) saying that the three ‘chambers’ of government are the Presidency, the House, and the Senate. Even CNN (a Democratic Socialist network) host Chris Cuomo questioned Cortez about her proposed plan to fund Medicare-for-all by ‘just paying for it’. The CNN clip also shows Cortez’s ignorance of basic tax-policy: “We just cut a 2 trillion dollar check to pay for the GOP tax cuts”. It certainly is pathetic that an adult human could believe that stealing less money from people (the Laffer Curve actually proves that decreasing income tax rates actually leads to increased government revenue) is the same thing as direct government spending. Cortez goes on to mention that the funeral ‘costs’ of those who die from being uninsured should be included when calculating national health care costs. In another double-blunder during an arrogant speech, Cortez said “I can’t wait to get inaugurated on the 3rd (only presidents are ‘inaugurated’) and start signing bills on the 4th (congressmen propose bills, presidents sign bills). Freudian slips, perhaps?

The ditzy socialist recently compared the massive migrant caravan to Jewish families fleeing Hitler during World War 2.

A few weeks ago, Cortez made headlines for complaining that she can’t actually afford to live in Washington DC. Of course, this is beyond pathetic, considering that her salary beginning in January is going to be at least $174,000 per year. Maybe she’s panicking because she doesn’t realize that ‘those evil banks’ regularly give personal loans to individuals. Considering how ignorant she is and how much socialists hate banks, this would not be surprising.

image from Wikimedia Commons

Being ignorant is one thing. Being a corrupt, evil, deceptive politician is quite another. As the young socialist authoritarian gets closer to taking office in the nation’s capital, she seems to be allowing the power to go to her head, turning her into an evil politician. She may be inexperience, but she seems to be catching on to political gamesmanship pretty quickly, but she still seems to energize her opposition enough to be a net detriment to Democratic Socialists for the time being.

On December 6th, Donald Trump Jr. posted a meme on his Instagram that made fun of Cortez’s lack of understanding of economics/support of a government-controlled economy. Cortez responded on Twitter by stating:

“I have noticed that Junior here has a habit of posting nonsense about me whenever the Mueller investigation heats up. Please, keep it coming Jr – it’s definitely a “very, very large brain” idea to troll a member of a body that will have subpoena power in a month. Have fun!”

This threat constitutes a clear violation of official US House ethics. House members are forbidden from threatening to use the power of the Congress to retaliate against those who upset them.

On December 10th, Cortez achieved another political milestone: Extreme pandering

After successfully campaigning as a ‘Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx’ despite growing up as a rich white girl from an ultra-wealthy area in Westchester County, she double-dipped in the pot of identity politics when speaking at a barely-Jewish synagogue on Hanukkah. Speaking to the Jewish congregation who seemed enchanted by the young socialist star, Alexandria mentioned that her ancestors were Spanish Jews who escaped persecution and fled to Puerto Rico.

Though she is young and inexperienced, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to be learning how to slither like a slimy politician better than you’d expect from ‘just a girl from the Bronx’. She has already demonstrated to the American people that she is deceptive, nasty, dishonest, economically illiterate, and a politician. She’ll fit right in.