Over the past few weeks, a large contingent of influential individuals including some doctors throughout the united states have made it clear that hospitals should no longer treat those who are sick because of their own bad decisions. What would be the result of such a policy? 

First, it’s important to understand which ailments are responsible for the most deaths each year. The top causes of death are heart disease, cancer, lung disease, kidney disease, and diabetes. 

As you might imagine, a huge amount of people who suffer from and die as a result of these diseases do so because of their own actions. In my ten years of treating patients in emergency medicine, I would guess that around 80% of them ended up in the back of my ambulance as a result of their own questionable lifestyle choices. I do not say this to condemn them – I respect their freedom of choice, and I will always treat every single patient to the best of my ability. In fact, I will likely die of heart disease or diabetes one day, and it will be largely a result of my own eating habits. Millions of Americans will meet a similar demise one day. 

Nearly every person who dies from heart disease has made many poor exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. The same applies to cancer patients, COPD patients, and those who suffer from diabetes, hypertension, and kidney disease. 

figures from CDC data

If any hospital denies treatment to patients who are unvaccinated, they must also refuse to treat those who smoke, are obese or have unhealthy eating habits. 

Anyone who rides a motorcycle understands that they are being extremely reckless. Yet, they are treated with great care like all other patients. The same goes for professional fighters, who literally sign up for a beating on a regular basis. 

I have written dozens of articles and an entire book proving that COVID is not nearly as dangerous or contagious as the elites have made it seem. Still, some would argue that those who refuse the vaccine are putting others at risk and therefore deserve to be punished. 

First, the vaccine literally does not prevent transmission, according to the CDC and other health officials. Second, smoking causes tons of cancer and lung disease from second-hand smoke, and many other habits do put others at risk. Travel to foreign countries puts people at much greater risk of catching and spreading Tuberculosis, for instance (you know, that little bacteria that kills over a million people each year). If these people were serious about combating preventable diseases from spreading, they would refuse medical care to anyone who has been in India within the past year. Never before in the history of humanity have we refused to treat people based on lifestyle decisions that were so benign. 

I cannot overstate the importance of exercise, though. In addition to a total ban on smoking and alcohol, mandatory exercise and BMI requirements would do more to save lives than abolishing COVID and Tuberculosis in the united states. It is settled: All persons in the united states must maintain a BMI of under 30, and unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, using drugs, or riding motorcycles are hereby banned! 


Ian · October 14, 2021 at 9:24 pm

If medical care were private — by which I mean, if you didn’t have to beg for permission (in the form of licenses) from the government to provide it — then this wouldn’t even be an issue. There would be no ‘we’ that would have to come up with a uniform policy. Some doctors and hospitals would deny care to the unvaccinated, and others wouldn’t. Where government is concerned, licensing is the root of virtually all evil.

    The Liberty Block · October 14, 2021 at 11:03 pm

    Excellent point!

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