In 2008, The NYU Medical Center launched a first-of-its-kind radio show. The massive Manhattan-based hospital built a fully functioning SiriusXM radio studio for ‘Doctor Radio’ in its lobby, and began to broadcast 24/7 programming on the national radio’s channel 81. The show has grown over the years, and the NYU doctors who host it have developed great radio skills. The show has since moved to channel 110. Doctor Radio provides its listeners with a wealth of medical information. Much of that information is underlined by pro-socialist and anti-freedom propaganda, though.

Doctor Radio now offers around 20 different shows, spanning the spectrum from orthopedics and cardiology to sexuality and health insurance. Each show is hosted by one or more members of the NYU Langone staff, all of which seem to be experienced and respected experts in their fields. In 2018, New York University Medical Center renamed itself ‘The NYU Langone Medical Center after the conservative capitalist Home Depot founder, Ken Langone, donated a hundred million and raised hundreds of millions more for the hospital. Langone raised and donated the money because he wanted to help mitigate the national shortage of doctors and the debt of new doctors by paying the tuition for all of NYU’s medical students. Going forward, NYU’s medical school will not charge tuition, thanks to the capitalist donor. If you can get accepted to the school, you can learn to become a doctor for free. This has long been the dream of the political left in the US. Does the left appreciate donors like Langone? We’ll find out later in the article.

If you love complicated, corrupt systems run by politicians, you’ll love universal healthcare! This graphic does not even scratch the surface of the 400,000-word ‘Obamacare’, which is only one of many laws governing healthcare in the US.

One might think that such a large hospital filled with some of the brightest minds in the world would understand that economic and personal freedom are the keys to a great quality of life and that socialist and authoritarian policies – such as the limit on new doctors created by politicians, government controlling health insurance and treatments, and a pharmaceutical and medical industry controlled entirely by politicians – hurt people in so many ways. NYU doctors surely see many patients who fly to the US from countries with ‘universal healthcare’ seeking medical care that is eons better than the care in their home countries. I have never heard of an American flying to a place like Britain or Denmark for their medical care, though. One might also believe that the intelligent board members, doctors, and hosts of the NYU radio station would be familiar with the top ten causes of death in the US. While nobody should be expected to remember the exact number of deaths caused by every disease, most people in healthcare seem to be familiar with the top causes of death. In case you are not familiar with the list, here it is:

Center for Disease Control

Socialist radio

Despite these facts, ‘Doctor Radio’ seems to primarily function as a propaganda show advocating for socialist, anti-gun policies. I am not an avid listener of the show, and I’ve listened to it very little since realizing how anti-freedom its narrative is. On every single occasion that I listened to their health insurance show called ‘Healthcare Connect’, I switched the channel after a few minutes due to its subtle socialist propaganda. The host regularly condemns anyone who does not support universal healthcare (a healthcare system 100% run by politicians, funded by taxes, and absent of private hospitals, insurance companies, or any other non-governmental entities) and advocates for ever-increasing taxpayer funded welfare such as Medicaid and Medicare. On the way home from the gym tonight, I turned off Doctor Radio in disgust when the same host advocated for universal healthcare and answered calls from listeners who agreed with the socialist policy. The title of this particular episode was ‘universal healthcare’ (so much for subtlety). The last thing I heard before turning off the propaganda show was a caller making the most insane argument for universal healthcare that I’ve ever heard. The caller identified himself as a 75-year-old doctor, and essentially said that

“We all take the Hippocratic Oath – to first do no harm. This means that doctors MUST get involved politically. By not getting involved politically and advocating for government-run universal healthcare or Medicare for all, we are directly harming people”.

The host heartily agreed with the caller. I wonder if Ken Langone is aware that he donated hundreds of millions of dollars – which he earned through hard, honest, capitalist work – to a socialist organization whose primary mission is to abolish capitalism in the US.

Anti-gun propaganda

Remember the list of the top ten causes of death in the US? Do you remember seeing homicides by firearms on the list? I don’t. As opposed to the 600,000+ people who die of heart disease each year in the US, only around 30,000 die in firearms-related incidents. A few thousand of those people die at the hands of police and another few thousand die in Chicago, NYC, Baltimore, and LA, where guns are already almost 100% illegal. Yet, the hosts of NYU’s radio shows like ‘Emergency Medicine’ proudly advocate for gun control. Of course, the entire medical industry is extremely anti-gun. If you are a doctor who belongs to any professional association (such as the NHMS, AMA, AAP, APA, ATS, AMWA, ANA, AANS, CNS, and others), you know very well how anti-gun they are. Leaders in the medical industry have been as blatant as saying that “Guns are a virus that must be eradicated.”

If self-righteous doctors really want to totally end the existence of any item or habit that contributes to 15,000 or more deaths each year in the US (regardless of the toll on personal liberty) they would have to support a federal ban on nearly every food, item, and activity imaginable. Being that cheeseburgers are a huge contributor to the 600,000+ cardiac deaths due to their high content of sodium, simple carbs, cholesterol, and other unhealthy substances, I am calling on every anti-gun doctor to support a federal ban on cheeseburgers. Considering that smoking is perhaps the biggest contributor to deaths from heart disease (over 600,000), cancer (600,000), lung disease (160,000), stroke (146,000), and many other diseases, perhaps doctors should forget all about guns and spend 100% of their time and energy lobbying for a federal ban on cigarettes. Remember, even in their wildest dreams, if all guns are banned, bringing all firearm-related homicides and suicides to an end, only around 30-40 thousand fewer Americans would die each year. If they could get smoking banned, they could save millions of lives per year and improve the quality of lives for the 34 million smokers in the US!

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Perhaps the greatest threat to overall health in the US is alcohol. According to the CDC, alcohol causes 88,000 people in the US to die each year. That figure is more than double the high estimate for total deaths involving firearms (suicides + homicides + accidents). Additionally, alcohol may cause more damage to people, families, health, and mental health than any substance on the planet. Anyone who believes that the government should ban harmful things MUST lobby for the total prohibition of alcohol.

Adding insult to injury

Despite Ken Langone donating his hard-earned money to a medical center in order to help new doctors choose the specialties they love without worrying about student debt, anti-freedom socialists like Bernie Sanders continue to condemn him. Like the wealthy, socialist, anti-freedom hosts of the communist propaganda show ‘Doctor Radio’, Sanders is the embodiment of hypocrisy. Despite making his living preaching the gospel of the government and convincing teenagers that politicians should control all healthcare, the mega-wealthy politician recently received life-saving, rapid treatment from the private, non-governmental Desert Springs Hospital. At private hospitals patients who suffer from advanced heart disease and/or heart attacks are often treated by private doctors who place one or more stents in their coronary arteries to keep them open. The procedure takes around 20 minutes, and, in my experience, the recovery involves a band-aid over the patient’s radial artery for a few hours before they are discharged, . Given a choice, would Bernie have chosen to be treated by a hospital run by politicians in the US, Canada, or Britain? If leftists like Bernie Sanders and the hosts of NYU Doctor Radio get to choose to receive top-notch medical care from private institutions, shouldn’t we be afforded the same freedom?