“Texas is becoming leftist!”, said many political commentators, including this author. 

Is Texas really becoming more Democratic and less conservative, thorough?

In the past few weeks, the Republican stronghold state has removed the permit requirement for carrying a concealed firearm and banned abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. Texas is the 18th state to allow for permitless concealed carry. Most of the other states that allow it have only recently adopted the ‘extreme gun rights’ law.

The new laws reflect increasing polarization in both red and blue states. And many leftists are promising to boycott Texas because of its conservatives laws. Some leftists want the federal government to send doctors into Texas by force in order to kill babies. Does that sound like one united country or two distinct peoples?

In the past few months, Florida has become much more conservative, going as far as banning mask mandates by localities and punishing big tech companies that curate content.

New York continues to legalize and encourage abortion while criminalizing firearms, conservatism, and economic freedom. 

Progressive states are banning everything, including computers

New Hampshire just banned late-term abortion, cut multiple taxes, increased school choice, and banned critical race theory and vaccine passports. 

California continues to pass extremely progressive policies, such as legalizing hard drugs, further restricting guns and ammo, and getting softer on those who transmit HIV and or have sex with children

Meanwhile, states like West Virginia are giving free guns to citizens who get the vaccine. 

New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Illinois grow more progressive each day. Wyoming, South Dakota, Idaho, and Missouri grow more conservative. 

The one common trend is this: States are increasingly polarizing either to the left or the right. Progressive states are moving towards radical leftist socialism, while right-wing states are moving towards libertarian minimalism. This spells trouble for the group that still clings to hope that ‘America’ can one day unite under one set of values. 

Though they are diminishing in numbers, at least a few million people (including most politicians) still believe that every one of the 330 million individuals in the united states will one day agree with each other and become one united nation. Will everyone suddenly support abortion? Absolutely not. Will everyone support pre-born life? Absolutely not. Will everyone support gun rights? No. Will everyone support the prohibition of guns? Definitely not. The list goes on. The uncomfortable truth is that the united states are totally divided either 50/50 or 45/45/10, depending on the particular issue. Those who have faith that God will unite everyone are not thinking realistically; they are hoping for an impossible miracle to occur. 

How could people who hold polar opposite values share one country? If one group believes a baby is a life and the other group believes that killing babies is sacrosanct, how could they coexist? 

Pragmatically, the increasing polarization will continue to make it very clear that there is only one solution: Make America states again.


Daniel Rice · September 8, 2021 at 6:35 pm

So is the author admitting he was wrong about Texas? A certain alternate voice (mine) told everyone going in that the state was getting redder more conservative and that voice was right. Counties in the Rio Grande Valley which had voted Democrat for a hundred years or more voted Republican. No red area was lost to blue. I’m not going to pretend to know about the demographics of California or West Virginia or Florida or New Hampshire. When I called Texas and it actually went more in the direction I said it was going then even I expected I was told that I was wrong. Am I taking this article now to be a admission that I was correct? Like I said, I’m not going to claim to know the demographics of other places, but as far as Arizona and Texas are concerned I know what the hell I’m talking about. At least in this instance I did. There wasn’t even any doubt in my mind, which sometimes there is.

    The Liberty Block · September 9, 2021 at 1:06 pm

    Yes, Daniel, I am becoming slightly more optimistic that Texas may not be totally lost yet 🙂

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