On October 18th, the Laconia Daily Sun published a letter to the editor titled: “Leonard Witt: Belknap Reps. Sylvia and Howard betray pledge of allegiance”

Throughout the letter, Witt condemns the nine sponsors of the legislation which seeks to give voters an opportunity to control their relationship to DC politicians, god forbid. He predictably accuses the sponsors and other potential allies in the legislature of being ‘anarchists’, and ‘free staters’. A few representatives did move partly because of the Free State Project, and fewer identify as anarchists (though serving as an elected legislator essentially disqualifies a person as an anarchist). 

The panicking statist goes on to say that Now, when each of us says: “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands,” we must think of these traitors in our midst. They would succeed where our foreign enemies have failed. They would break up these United States of America. They would trample on the graves of service men and women who died to preserve our one nation under God.”

Of course, anyone who knows a little history or anything about the Constitution knows that it is the DC politicians who have trampled on the graves of soldiers, the Constitution, and our natural rights. The soldiers going back to 1776 fought for the freedom of speech, property, self-defense, religion, and bodily autonomy. By leaving the union, we are honoring the soldiers who gave their lives for freedom while defending against tyranny. The authoritarians in political positions of power are the ones who are disgracing their memories. 

But the most ridiculous part of the letter is his accusation of ‘violating the pledge of allegiance’. It is almost too insane to take seriously. The pledge was written by Francis Bellamy, an avowed socialist, in 1892. Ironically, Bellamy did not include ‘under God’ in the pledge, despite being a minister. Perhaps even more ironic was that this socialist was really a capitalist, because he went around the united states selling his American flags and magazines to schools. Weirdly ironic was that Bellamy and his partners at the magazine instructed children to raise their right arms outstretched towards the flag while reciting their pledge of allegiance to the US government. 

Children performing the Bellamy Salute during the Pledge of Allegiance

Bellamy and the owners of the Youth’s Companion magazine wished to sell a flag and a magazine subscription to every school in the united states. That was their primary goal; the pledge, the flags, and the patriotism were just sales tactics. 

But politicians loved it. They took the gift of increasing worship of the government and ran with it. In June of 1942, the US Congress officially adopted the Pledge into the US Flag Code. Six months later, Congress officially abandoned the Bellamy Salute in 1942 once they realized that Hitler ruined it. They replaced the Nazi salute with the instructions to place the hand over the heart, to demonstrate true devotion to the government. In 1954, Eisenhower added ‘under God’ to the Pledge. Today, nearly every governmental event and many private events begin with all members pledging their lives to their Lords in DC. All government schools must have their students recite the pledge daily, except for California, Hawaii, Wyoming, and Vermont. 

Yes, the pledge and the American flag are only so commonly found in schools and other institutions because a socialist minister had a few brilliant ideas to help him make money. 

Still, the worst part of the disturbing pledge of one’s life to corrupt politicians is the word ‘indivisible’. I believe that this one word may have been one of the major catalysts that turned the general perception of the ‘united states’ as a union of independent states into ‘The United States, the one country that is amazing and ruled by saints in DC. That word did tremendous damage, and it has caused nearly every child in the union to grow up believing that the union cannot ever be divided, no matter how polarized its people may become, and no matter how harmful DC may be towards the states. Those sad fools like Witt truly believe that there could never be cause for splitting up the growing and failing union. 

Of course, I have written dozens of articles and several books about the crucial need for the union to split up. But many others still cannot imagine such a thing ever happening, largely because of this dystopian pledge that they have recited nearly every day for their entire lives. Brainwashing is often most effective when it is done to yourself. And telling yourself that you pledge your total and unwavering allegiance to the federal government – to people like Biden, Trump, Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, and other totally corrupt “leaders” has made many people truly believe that we are forever bound to them as slaves are unconditionally bound to their masters. 

What can you do today? 

You can tell your school, your town council, and your friends and neighbors that they should stop reciting this disturbing pledge of allegiance. Let’s not brainwash the next generation into worshipping the union and its rulers. If you want to demonstrate your patriotism and emulate our founders like Washington and Jefferson, do what they did: Fight tyranny, oppose taxes, support freedom, educate others about personal liberties and individual rights. Stand strong against authoritarians. Disrespect DC; don’t pledge your eternal allegiance to them every day. Send them a clear message – make them realize that they are not our rulers and are not fit to even be members of our society. Tell them that you want more freedom, not more subjugation.


John Best · November 2, 2021 at 11:58 am

Secessionists are cowards who refuse to do their “duty, to throw off such government”.

    The Liberty Block · November 4, 2021 at 1:01 pm

    Secessionists are literally throwing off the government, starting with the biggest threat – the federal government.

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