The following is a Facebook rant by Sterling Smith published with his permission:

My wife and I made a trip to our nearest social security office yesterday. I had not been to one in decades and it was a first for her. We arrived early because we knew that other “tax cattle” would be lined up for what we could get from our ranch owner. I could see that I probably had little in common with 95% of the people in line and was there for a different reason because of the age difference. We are both now at the age of possibly drawing on our social security Ponzi scheme and using Medicare, knowing how flawed and immoral that both of these mandatory “programs” are.

When the doors opened and the line started moving, the first thing you see is a sign directing “customers” what to do. I’m not a customer. A customer has a choice of where they want to shop! I’m a tax slave that is going through a process in which I have zero say in what happens to me. Now, you may think that ‘voting, hoping, and coping’ is how to control this socialist enterprise, but you are so wrong. How has that worked in your lifetime

one of our many tax-slave identification cards
The deed of ownership that the government has on you

Customer signs directed us to kiosks, two by two, to give information with our ID numbers to get the “customer number”. You can get your assignment in English or Spanish. Depending on which language you chose, you would be called to a window in that language.

Upon arriving at our assigned customer service window, there was a welcoming and seemingly nice young lady waiting to help us. I immediately let her know that anything negative that I might say had nothing to do with her personally, She smiled and said she understood.

I used words such as ‘forced’ and ‘punished’ and she said, “well, if you want to put it that way…”, and I told her that there was no other truthful way to put it. I could tell that she totally understood and probably even agreed. I also assume that she is probably making a larger salary than I ever had as a firefighter where I worked. She’s in big government.

Because I am a retired firefighter in Oklahoma, I will only be able to get 40% of my social security money back because I get a pension for my 34 years of doing it. That’s just “fair” I guess because the government has seen that as my appropriate reward for participating in the mandatory Ponzi scheme.

In the eyes of the boys and gals at the IRS, your already-taxed income (your social security benefits) is just general income, so my wife has to pay more for Medicare until we are poorer. This has to be handled with paperwork to beg our masters to look at our resources in a different light. We were politely given the proper form to beg for mercy from the ranch owner.

Many of you have already dealt with this process and many of you have your time coming. Of course, in the not too distant future, I imagine that both of these systems will collapse and most will be wondering what will happen and how we could possibly make it on our own. Crazy times.

This entire thing is out of control and the “ranchers” have total control of your freedoms to do with what you earn. It’s been that way since the implementation of the income tax in 1913.

The answers to solve this problem are not in going to the voting booth to get your person elected or any constitutional argument you think you have. That hasn’t worked since 1780 something, and it never will. Republics, such as we are supposed to be living in, were never supposed to become this monstrosity. Look up the meaning of a republic and you may understand what I’m saying. It’s too big to control and all will continue to suffer but at a much larger scale.

Lincoln had it wrong and it isn’t settled. Lincoln was the unconstitutional problem. TRY READING THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE and see what it has to say, and where it was in line, historically, to what we have now.

Yep, most of you see my posts and just move along. But, some of you see the reality that is coming off the ranch, loaded in the manure spreader.

The problem is decisions being made for you, not by you, here in Oklahoma, and they are being made by people you have almost nothing in common with. Just admit it. Time to rethink this union and gain some control back to your local level. It’s going to happen at some point, so do you want it to be by force or would you like to be you and your neighbors making the decisions.

The problem is in DC, and yes, it can be fixed in a peaceful political divorce. See #Brexit in the UK. There are other places to look, as well.

This is just one major, but only one of many reasons we should be looking at taking our liberty seriously and how to actually get some of it. Just start, or continue, to think about it and get off the fence. We are dooming our children and grandchildren to become “Venezuelans”. Prove me wrong.

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