For decades, the differences between right and left have expanded into a massive gulf. Civil war and other such concepts have become part of the common vernacular, even trending on Twitter numerous times in 2023. 

Over the past few weeks, the situation has escalated far beyond any level we’ve seen in our lifetimes. The Biden administration has allowed the southern border to remain very open, a policy that the people of Texas and their government do not support. After Texas put razor wire along areas of its southern border to deter illegal immigration, DC politicians were infuriated by the act of defiance. 

State and federal law seem to be on the side of Texas, and the US Constitution does not grant authority to the federal government to control the border. Further, the Constitution empowers states to repel invasion when necessary. 

The Biden administration sued the Texas government for deterring illegal immigration, and the federal courts have so far agreed with DC. The surprise came when Texas Governor Greg Abbott refused to back down. Thanks to the support of conservatives in Texas and throughout the union, Abbott has made it clear that he will protect his state’s border, regardless of what the feds do or threaten to do. 

On January 24th, Governor Abbott released a statement confirming that he would protect his state’s border no matter what. Elon Musk commented on the post, agreeing that he’d support Texas in the civil war: “Texas is absolutely right. This administration is deliberately breaking the law by aiding and abetting illegal immigration at an unprecedented scale!”

At the moment, “Stand with Texas”, “illegals”, “Supreme Court”, “Texas Border Crisis” and “Treason” are all trending on X, demonstrating how critical and divisive this issue is. Some side with Texas and some side with DC, and the two sides refuse to back down. Indeed, this is a crisis. And 25 other state governors have already signed a statement supporting Texas, making the majority of states now in rebellion against DC, according to some. 

On January 25th, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem told Fox News that she would “drive him more razor wire if she had to” in order to help him protect the southern border. 

On January 22nd, the Supreme Court by a 5-4 vote upheld a decision by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals that allowed the federal agents to cut the barbed wire and reopen the border. Texas officials have vowed to continue protecting their border, regardless of what the courts say.

With the battle lines being drawn and the tensions boiling, many fear that a civil war is now imminent. Secessionists have been reminding the public for decades that a separation could be mutual and does not need to be violent. Like in a divorce, the parties can split without killing each other and they can pursue their distinct destinies. 

Those who doubt whether a civil war is actually imminent must not understand that Americans are living in (at least) two different universes. While the right believes that states can restrict illegal immigration, others believe that the federal government should have the power to escort an infinite number of undocumented people into states against their will. (example pictured below)

It is now only a matter of time before armed soldiers from DC and from Texas have a physical standoff with each other. Both groups believe that they have legitimate authority to obey lawful orders which are incompatible with each other. The border cannot be open and closed at the same time. All it takes is one soldier to initiate force against the other side for a hot civil war to explode. 

Even members of the US Congress have implied their support for Texas defying federal law and/or seceding from the union, including Texas Senator Ted Cruz. 

This comes when public faith in DC is at an all time low. In addition to the hundreds of reasons to support peaceful separation, the news of the January 6th fed-resurrection and the fake pipe bomb is finally being exposed. If every part of the federal government – including the FBI – is thoroughly corrupt, why should we trust DC?

Secession movements in New Hampshire, Texas, and California have been steadily growing for years. In Texas, supporters of independence recently obtained the requisite 100,000 signatures needed to place secession on the GOP primary ballot. In New Hampshire, legislators this session filed a secession bill and another bill to create a study committee to explore peaceful separation from DC. Americans United for Peaceful Separation (AUPS) tracks and collaborates with these movements. The group formed in 2021 as a joint mission between Alu Axelman, Chairman of the Foundation for NH Independence and voluntaryist author, Steven Axelman, a senior advisor to the FNHI and NHIPAC and contributor to The Liberty Block, Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, Marcus Ruiz Evans, President of Calexit, and numerous pro-secession legislators. 

This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Liberty Block or any of its members. We welcome all forms of serious feedback and debate.