The past few years have been filled with increasing division among the 330 million individuals inhabiting the united states. As I have written about in three books and dozens of articles, the union loses its unity more with each passing day. Anyone who follows politics for a few minutes learns that there is no agreement among all Americans on political solutions for drug laws, foreign wars, monetary policy, gun control, healthcare, education, privacy, and much more. If there are 50 major areas of policy, we could expect there to be at least a few hundred totally distinct groups of people living in the united states. It seems like there is almost nothing left that every person in the united states agrees on. However, there is one belief that seems to consistently poll at over 70%, though I believe that it is inherently 100%. We are headed in the wrong direction and the union cannot remain together and be saved. 

On Sunday, even NBC finally began to admit this reality to its viewers. A poll conducted by NBC itself found that only 22% of individuals in the united states agree that we are headed in the right direction as a ‘country’. In political polls, this is almost as lopsided as any figures could ever be. This finding is in line with the same poll conducted by Civiqs, which runs massive polls of hundreds of thousands of Americans over the course of a few years. As of this writing, only 28% of people believe that the US is on the right track. 

Many people likely believe that the united states could be placed back on the right track if their preferred rulers are elected. However, an increasing amount of people are warming up to the idea of the united states breaking up into two, three, or fifty sovereign nations. A recent poll found that more than half of Trump voters support secession and nearly half of Biden voters support secession. 

In New Hampshire, support for state independence looks even more optimistic. Nine State Representatives recently proposed a constitutional amendment to place the question of exiting the union onto the 2022 ballot. In a recent poll of New Hampshire voters, only 21% said that the union is headed in the right direction, implying that they would either support or consider peaceful separation from the union. 

New Hampshire voters have demonstrated that they strongly support minimal taxes, minimal government services, no gun laws, educational choice, and medical freedom. New Hampshire has possibly the highest use of crypto-currencies and precious metals of all fifty states. Overall, the Live Free or Die state is the #1 most free state in the union. As the federal government violates increasing amounts of liberty, expect the divide between DC and NH to eventually cause the two to separate completely. 

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