This week’s (Sept 13) show topics included:

Is the bigger story in NM the emergency order on guns or the resistance to it? Would courts uphold public health emergency laws or at least leave them unchallenged, as they did with covid? Is there a federal crime prohibiting depriving citizens of rights under cover of law? Kamala smiling (laughing?) at the 9/11 memorial; is this less insulting and revolting than much of what the dems do to the public? Are we learning only the wrong lessons from 9/11 (TSA, homeland security, etc.) and would it therefore be better not to continue to focus on it; one lesson not learned from 9/11 is to close the border; the impeachment inquiry; some Dems upset that Starlink is not servicing the Ukrainian military; tribute to the victims of 9/11 and their families. Never Forget!

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