This week’s (March 13) show topics included:

George Santos running in the primary for congress. Trump clinching the nomination; SOTU; was it a declaration of war against half the country? why did Katie Britt present the republican response and not Trump or someone else with more gravitas? cryptocurrency; would the dems let Trump win and blame him for an inevitable economic collapse? would congress refuse to certify trump if he wins? Current situation in Haiti; RFK Jr’s campaign vs. the “culturally vulgar” campaigns of Trump and Biden; Lazer joined the show and reported from Ukraine; U.S. building temporary ports to send supplies to Gaza; the House voted to ban tik tok—is this just a step towards general censorship of other media? or is shutting it down just to benefit Meta/Facebook? the Oscars; was Oppenheimer a communist? the rumor that Macron’s wife is a male;

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