This week’s (April 3) show topics included:

Disney has won its battle in a proxy way to remain woke against outsiders; liberals keep fighting; conservatives often accept defeat as final; do establishment leaders in D.C. succumb to more than just peer pressure? threats? should republicans engage in issues such as “income equality”—turn the issue against liberal jurisdictions? Attacks on free speech in Scotland, Poland; if Americans don’t fight for free speech the “parchment guarantees” will never suffice; winner take all of electors vs. apportioning them by district (current situation in Nebraska); should we care if blue states ignore SCOTUS? Trump should join Abbott of Texas in ignoring SCOTUS on the “invasion” issue; does an oath to support the constitution require support of all SCOTUS decisions? Attorneys afraid of taking suits on the right and/or being disbarred like Eastman; why aren’t banks treated legally as common carriers? Biden’s Easter transgender visibility proclamation? Is government our religion nowadays?

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