This week’s (May 1) show topics included:

Noem’s shooting-her-dog story; is this just another ghost-written book and it doesn’t matter what the book says; who should Trump pick for VP? Noem has no backbone after capitulating to the NCAA on women’s sports; for what reason did Trump meet with Desantis? Did he think he needs help from Desantis? Should Trump select his son, Don, for VP? Tulsi Gabbard? The protest on college campus supporting Hamas; is it all funded ultimately by the CCP? Is it unusual to have this chaos when a republican is in office? Gag order fine against Trump—a violation of free speech? Are any republicans standing up for Trump’s free speech? Why are any judges allowing Smith to prosecute the case against Trump when he was not legally appointed? NYC to lower speed limit to 20 from 25 MPH; Tucker Carlson stating on Rogan’s podcast that the U.S. was evil to drop the atomic bombs

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