This week’s (June 12) show topics included:

President Joe Biden’s son Hunter was CONVICTED of violating federal gun laws! Will he be sentenced to prison? Will Joe pardon his son?
The crew discusses the recent elections across the European Union that went in favor of more right-wing lawmakers who want to limit immigration. Is the Israeli military/government being reckless or are they doing what it takes to rescue hostages and prosecute the war in Gaza? The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the scamdemic shots are not legally “vaccines” – but how did the California-based federal court get so non-leftist? How did Trump get conservative judges confirmed, especially on the left coast? Mike explains how the NJ legislature screws the people and encourages young children to identify as LGBT. Meagan tells of her experiences with the many people who seek to de-transition after regretting their decision. Ed P. discusses why the US politicians are playing a dangerous game with Russia. Ed M. analyzes the legal cases and argues that the federal politicians don’t want the US to be successful or strong among the world community.

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