Despite lots of evidence demonstrating that ivermectin is very safe and very effective against COVID, corrupt FDA officials have stepped up their war against the drug. Over 110 studies have found that the common, old, and cheap generic anti-parasitic drug is extremely beneficial for COVID patients. The studies also found very little risk related to the medication. 

For the past few weeks, DC politicians and their friends in the media have launched a full-scale war against ivermectin. Of course, the drug helping patients recover from COVID would substantially diminish the billions in profits that their cronies at Pfizer and Moderna are expecting in the coming months and years. Additionally, good news in the battle against the virus means that people will want to get back to living their lives and may be less willing to obey corona-fascist lockdowns and mandates. 

The war has entailed big tech censoring or removing content about ivermectin unless it painted the drug in a negative light. The media has been referring to ivermectin primarily as a ‘horse dewormer’ because it could also be used to treat various parasites in horses. Of course, readers with more than a few brain cells know that it’s extremely common for medications to be used in multiple mammals; not just in humans. By constantly referring to it as horse medicine and condemning anyone who takes it as retarded, the media has convinced leftists and some centrists that the drug will kill anyone who takes it. 

A few days ago, the Associated Press was forced to issue a correction after it falsely claimed that 70 percent of calls to the Mississippi Poison Control Center were about people ingesting ivermectin to treat COVID-19, as reported by InfoWars. Other leftist media outlets have been pushing propaganda about ‘ivermectin overdoses’, another story that is totally fabricated. The picture they used in their article of people waiting in line to get into the overdose-filled ER was a totally unrelated picture, as well. It was actually from people getting the vaccine in the winter.

States in India and Peru have crushed COVID by using ivermectin. Specialists like Dr. Pierre Kory, who is board certified in internal medicine, critical care, and pulmonology and who runs fellowship programs used ivermectin for COVID patients and believe that it’s extremely effective and very safe. 

The largest state in India has been using ivermectin for their COVID patients, and they have now announced that they have totally defeated the virus.

It is now nearly impossible to find ivermectin in the united states, likely because the Biden administration has pressured doctors not to prescribe it for COVID patients. However, the DC politicians are seemingly giving ivermectin to refugees

On August 21st, the Biden FDA posted a tweet mocking those who take ivermectin, clearly sticking with Biden’s promise to be the uniter-in-chief: “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.” Of course, the FDA approved the Nobel-Prize-winning medication for use in humans years ago, but expecting politicians to hold consistent principles is akin to expecting horses to fly space ships.

Needless to say, people are surely dying as a result of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin being suppressed by intense campaigns perpetrated by the federal government and their allies in the media. Dictators in some states actually banned doctors from prescribing HCQ for COVID.

If this is what your government thinks of you, and if they are willing to kill people in order to benefit themselves, why would you want to remain under their rule? Don’t you trust your own state legislature more than DC politicians? 

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