The Liberty Block has been dedicated to educating our readers and listeners about property rights since our founding in 2017. Logically, if property rights are absolute, then anyone who takes our property by force is a criminal, because that is theft. This includes taxation, which is inherently a property crime due to its extortionist nature. There is one website that does a better job promoting this lesson than any other, and that is TaxationIsTheft.Info.

Founded by a committed libertarian activist and marketing genius, the web site initially offered only a few products, such as ‘tip’ cards. While they remain legally ambiguous as far as politicians are concerned, these little cards make an important and simple point: “This is not a tip. This is a tax free gift!” Those who believe in liberty and understand the nature of taxation can (and do) leave these cards along with their cash tip when they thank a server for great service. 

Years later, the online store offers a wide range of products, from T-shirts and hoodies to umbrellas and mugs. And they all sport the defining TiT phrase in yellow and black. The store also carries bathing suits, towels, baseball caps, stickers, pamphlets, stamps, neck ties, and more. 

The site’s owner and founder, Dan Behrman is running for Governor of Texas. His platform states that he will “…end the drug war in Texas, replace law enforcement with constitutional peacekeepers, eliminate socially destructive taxes, and protect the citizens of Texas from the corrupt and criminal acts of the IRS, ATF, and other federal agencies.

We are thrilled to be partnering with this wonderful website as an affiliate. For each item that you buy via this link, you will help The Liberty Block AND Taxation Is Theft educate millions more individuals about the benefits of freedom and the dangers of statism.

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Daniel Rice · February 9, 2021 at 12:08 am

This is great. You should have a more in depth description of Behrman. Instead of “committed libertarian activist and marketing genius” it would be fair to readers to point out he is a political coward who refuses to answer the questions that Texans want answered. I have been asking him whether or not he supports Texas Independence. I know he is reading the questions because he continues to delete them from his pages. I think I’ve asked him four times now and he continues to ignore the question.

His run for Texas governor is just a political show designed to sell merchandise. I’m all for capitalism and selling merchandise, but he shouldn’t be a coward about answering a legitimate question concerning Texas’ future considering he’s asking to be the governor. In my opinion, until he answers this question he is a political charlatan and a fraud.

The Liberty Block Partners With Taxation is Theft! – The Free Representative · February 9, 2021 at 1:28 am

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