Many now say the united states (the union) can’t be saved. Our political differences have become so severe that they can no longer be governed with the old-fashioned American creed. 

Why Not the GOOD? illuminates how we can save this creed. It expresses the rarely-voiced posture that pedigree, education, and even past job performance are irrelevant to good government service. 

The best public servants are accomplished yet ORDINARY people who will take a solemn role in helping serve their constituents in a proper governmental role.  

Mark Stewart Greenstein is an educator, businessman, former lawyer, and “challenger for change”. He is a Conserva-tarian who has campaigned for office, and will again, as a “liberty-minded Democrat”. He seeks to return America’s governments to operate as they were intended, and thereby elevate individuals rather than repress us. 

During law school, Mark supported himself teaching SAT prep courses. He felt he could do better for students and founded a tutoring firm of his own in 2001. Since then, he has helped over 5,000 high school students enter competitive colleges, and many youngsters improve their Math, English, and Science abilities in school. 

The Liberty Block was created in earnest when Mark hosted a weekly radio show on 1490 AM in Connecticut. As 2017 began, he broadcasted the message of liberty during the last portion of his show, which he casually referred to as ‘the liberty block’ of the show. Mark has been a lifelong liberty activist in the Connecticut area, often running for office as a Libertarian. In 2023, he moved to New Hampshire to live in the freest possible place. He is running for President in the Democratic Party primary. This is his first book. Visit to learn more about Mark’s incredible liberty projects.

Why Not the GOOD? A treatise on better government is the third book edited and published by Alu Axelman and Liberty Block Publishing. If you are interested in discussing your next pro-liberty book, contact

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