On Saturday morning, a small group of conservatives, libertarians, and independents, concerned about corona-fascism, gathered at the corner of Exeter Road and Lafayette Road in Hampton, New Hampshire. By around noon, roughly a dozen anti-mandate protesters were on the busy corner waving American flags, New Hampshire flags, and homemade signs to a busy stream of motorists. Around a third of all drivers seemed to acknowledge the anti-mandate signs, and around 95% of them seemed to agree with the protesters’ message: End the mandates and legalize freedom. 

After around an hour at the corner, a group of five young white males, with no flags or signs, walked up to the corner protesters and quietly spoke to one of the organizers. They then stood side by side on the corner next to the others, silently standing without presenting any particular message. A few minutes passed, and then they unfurled a massive banner, spanning around twenty feet in length and three feet in width. It said in large letters ‘White Lives Matter’, with pictures of two men in the center. At least a few of the protesters mentioned their serious suspicions about the silent young men whom none of them had ever seen before. They had not come to the prior rallies, any other pro-freedom meetups, or participated in any of the message groups. Even if they weren’t wearing matching uniforms, they still would have raised suspicions before showing their white supremacist banner. 

One of the young infiltrators began recording the street corner with a small video camera the size of a Go-Pro. The uniformed men began handing out papers to the protesters, which read “New England Nationalist Social Club” and explained that they hate those who aren’t white. A few of the group of five wore face coverings, and a few wore black baseball caps with ‘131’ in white letters, which seems to be affiliated with the Nationalist Social Club. The number correlates to the letters ‘ACA’ for ‘anti-communist action’, according to CounterExtremism.com. Some speculate that this supposedly white nationalist group is nothing more than a ploy by the radical left and/or the federal government to harm the reputation of pro-freedom groups. It is possible that these kids are simply a few of the dwindling white nationalists who are making their final extinction burst before leaving public society for good. 

After a short discussion, the anti-mandate group decided to move their protest across the street to make their disassociation from the supposed white nationalists very clear to onlookers. Moments after crossing the street, one of the real protesters held up a sign reading “We are not with the white nationalist infiltrators!”.

The many signs held by the real demonstrators read “Mandate freedom!”, “My body, my choice”, and a large flag bearing Trump’s finger pointing straight ahead and his favorite line of ”you are fake news”, which the fake racists ironically settled right underneath. 

After a short time demonstrating across the street, the pro-freedom crew moved their protest to Seabrook, where they again enjoyed an excellent response from drivers of all ages, ethnicities, and both genders. One protester remarked how nice it was that so many pretty women were enthusiastically waving in giving thumbs-up responses to the corner crew. After around 3 hours of standing in the 20-degree windy weather, the pro-liberty protesters packed up and called it a day, laughing about the poor white nationalist infiltrators freezing silently on the corner in Hampton with no great results to show their boss.

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Roberta Goldberg · February 20, 2022 at 1:21 am

I really do not appreciate the way you trivialize the issue of white Nationalism and antisemites in this day and age. It is single handedly the BIGGEST threat to America and you call it “dwindling”? It’s almost as if you are antisemitic yourself and are attempting to downplay these groups so that they’ll be allowed to grow in peace.

You should really reconsider how you word your articles, Mr. Axelman.

    The Liberty Block · February 20, 2022 at 3:11 am

    Thank you for the comment, Roberta.

    As far as I can tell, there are very few white nationalists in the unted states, and even fewer who present violent threats to others. If you could provide us with some evidence that white nationalism is a significant threat (how many people die each year from white nationalist violence in the united states?) then we would happily update the article and/or allow you to write an article for LibertyBlock.com.

    We firmly stand for equal justice and against bigotry, and we are quick to call out racism and violence from all individuals and groups.

    Thanks!!! – Alu

    The Liberty Block · February 20, 2022 at 3:13 am

    BTW I am not an anti-semite. I am Jewish, was raised orthodox, and have very many Jewish friends and relatives. – Alu

Dan McGuire · February 22, 2022 at 3:25 pm

How does one know if these really are white supremacists, or if it is Antifa (or something similar) trying to discredit libertarians? Their actions, particularly in getting video of the scene, indicate the latter.

Deanne · February 22, 2022 at 10:05 pm

What a mess. You did the right thing to move, but it just goes to prove how complicated and difficult it can be to decipher friends from foes.

It is always disheartening to see and hear profanity or references to profanity. I sure wish people could keep things clean and communicate meaningfully instead of hurling (or printing) foul and degrading insults. Due to bad experiences, I am more and more reluctant to participate in group events since I don’t want to give even tacit consent or approval of that type of stuff.

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