In the Live Free or Die state, there are generally no restrictions for carrying any weapons. Granite Staters may legally carry pistols and rifles open or concealed. However, brass knuckles remain illegal to carry. Last year, the House passed House Bill 31, which would have eliminated the carrying of brass knuckles and similar self-defense tools from the list of crimes in the books. The Senate killed the bill with a voice vote. This year, ten Republican legislators proposed House Bill 1276. It again passed the House, and it is now in the Senate. Currently, only 18 other states prohibit brass knuckles.

Liberty Block editor-in-chief Elliot “Alu” Axelman and other citizens and legislators testified in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday in support of the bill (video below). The only two people who spoke against the bill were both radical anti-liberty legislators. Alu and others addressed several reasons why the Senate should pass the bill this time around:

  1. When people use firearms for self-defense, it’s impossible to know exactly where each bullet they fire will end up. If a bullet misses or passes through its intended target, it could injure or kill totally innocent bystanders. Allowing people to use other self-defense weapons would directly decrease the number of stray bullets that could strike unintended victims.
  2. New Hampshire currently has no restrictions on the ownership or carrying of any firearms, whether loaded, concealed, or powerful. One could walk around Concord with a loaded AR-15 and a 40-round magazine strapped to their back and a loaded 21-round pistol on their hip without violating any laws. New Hampshire also has no regulation of knives or swords. Why ban brass knuckles?
  3. The current law only makes it illegal to carry “metallic knuckles”, which means that it’s perfectly legal to carry weapons fabricated from any other material, some of which could be as hard as metal. 
  4. The current law has numerous huge exceptions that allow many large classes of people including delivery drivers, cops, nightwatchmen, fishermen, hunters, and EMTs to carry brass knuckles. Why not extend that same right to all other adults?
  5. The bill would still not allow minors to legally carry brass knuckles. 
  6. The bill would not affect any actual acts of violence; assault and battery are already crimes and they should be. Further, enhancemed penalties for using brass knuckles or other weapons in the commission of a violent crime would not be affected by this bill.
  7. All humans have a natural right to own justly acquired property. And the mere act of ownership or carrying a particular item is not a crime.
  8. All humans have a natural right to self-defense. Some people may not be comfortable or capable of carrying a firearm. 
  9. Criminals don’t obey the law anyway. They commit crimes. Which violate laws. That is actually why they are called “criminals”.
  10. A majority of lawmakers in the House of Representatives passed the bill two years in a row. 

If you want to see this bill pass, call and email your Senator TODAY and tell them to support HB1276. Feel free to ask them why they would not support it. 

If you want to learn more about the natural rights to self-defense, the liberties involved, responsible firearm ownership, and the best ways to debate those who oppose these rights, please consider reading Alu’s latest book: The Pocket Guide To Killing Gun Control.

This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Liberty Block or any of its members. We welcome all forms of serious feedback and debate.


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