By Keith Bessette for The Liberty Block

This election proves the only two solutions are nullification and secession.

Most voters in the united states voted to destroy our liberty slightly faster than the alternative option would have done.

Voting has rarely worked. Mob rule doesn’t produce liberty when the vote determines who gets the handouts.

The choice of voting for the Republican Party vs. Democrat Party in DC only perpetuates the Uni-Party Big Government system both major parties support. The choice is primarily who to hand out the stolen loot to – corporations or unions and bums. It isn’t even a choice of engaging in 5 or 10 wars anymore, R and D Party platforms both essentially say 10 ongoing wars is the right number and that teasing the Russian bear is fun.

Petitioning the Federal government for a redress of grievances rarely works, and almost never on a serious topic. Note that this is the method that made alcohol illegal, made the States administrative units of the general (federal) government, established the income tax, and destroyed the entire purpose of the US Senate.

Changing the Constitution is begging our Master to stop wipping us because of a piece of paper signed by the slaves. The Master will not change his mind. You can have your Constitution – the Master owns the dictionary.

I don’t believe nullification will work, but I’d try it first.

The current Florida legislature and Governor do not have the balls to nullify any significant topic, such as the Federally required law that Florida have EST and EDT changes twice a year. The passed FL legislation to have Daylight Savings Time (EDT) all year is contingent on the Master – it doesn’t take effect until “higher authority” agrees.

Does DeSantis and the Florida legislature really believe Trump would have sent Air Force bombers to Tallahassee if Florida said “NO” to DC on time zone changes?

The only peaceful solution to DC is likely secession at this point. That’s where I’m at now and the midterm election was one more reason to announce our divorce.

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