Conservatives have long been the primary supporters of law enforcement throughout the united states. Perhaps the biggest differentiator between conservatives and libertarians has been the conservative’s unwavering support for police. Over the past few years, many conservatives have begun to question whether they should support the police, though. Here are five reasons why conservatives should rethink their support for police:

1) Gun control

Since Democrat hero FDR first passed gun control laws in 1934, the increasingly strict federal, state, and local gun laws have violated the natural rights of millions of innocent Americans. While these naive individuals thought that their rights were protected by the Constitution, cops were the ones who physically conducted 100% of gun control arrests, raids, and other crackdowns. Without willing police officers, politicians would have nobody to enforce their gun control. Any cop who lives in any state other than New Hampshire, Wyoming, Arizona, Alaska, or Maine has enforced illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional gun control laws many times. This means that nearly every one of the millions of cops in the united states regularly violates our natural rights to self-defense and property. Cops in NYC sign up for the police department knowing very well that they will be putting innocent gun owners in prison for life simply for the crime of owning an inanimate object. They willingly become cops and enforce the laws created by politicians. This means that they are evil-doers and are literally the enemy of gun owners. If you believe in gun rights, cops should be high on your list of enemies. 

2) Corona-fascism and victimless crimes

Since the beginning of 2020, politicians have used cops to enforce violent shutdowns of the economy and nearly every aspect of personal freedom throughout the united states. Except for South Dakota, Dictators in every state in the union ordered their armed enforcers to shut down businesses without even passing legislation – by executive order only. To my knowledge, little to no cops refused to obey their dictators’ orders to harshly punish their fellow citizens by enforcing corona-fascism. Cops throughout the union used violence to force innocent individuals to wear masks, social distance, leave public places, stop worshiping (even in their own cars), stop gathering, stop conducting business, and obey many other laws. It is a fact that 100% of corona-fascism was enforced by cops. If cops cared about freedom and were not willing to commit evil in the name of fake science, there would have been no corona-fascism. When cops learned that JR Hoell, a well-known liberty activist and former legislator successfully treated his child for COVID with ivermectin, cops were the ones who used their guns to pursue a plan to kidnap his children and arrest him. If you do not like what has happened to our liberties since 2020, you should blame your local cops and let them know that you no longer support them. 

3) January 6th protest

During the peaceful protest against the stolen 2020 election, cops in DC attacked the Trump supporters violently with rubber bullets, bear spray, batons, and other weapons. Cops regularly punish peaceful innocent protestors with various weapons. Cops all over the union are now helping the federal cops search for and arrest the peaceful protestors. Cops are teaming up with federal prosecutors and judges to condemn and punish innocent people for supporting Trump and opposing Biden and the dirty election. Julie Kelly explains massive amounts of crimes against humanity committed by many cops in her book ‘January 6’. If cops didn’t abuse conservatives so much, that book would not exist. Everything that you dislike about the January 6th persecution was enabled by local, state, and federal cops. 

4) Surveillance & due process

Technically, 100% of illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional surveillance in the united states is committed by cops. As I will explain in my upcoming book, there are many horrifically disturbing surveillance programs being used by cops all over the united states on a regular basis. FISA, LPRs, every camera program, Stingrays, wiretaps, geofencing, keywords searches, and every other Orwellian surveillance program in violation of due process is committed by police officers. And many of these violations of privacy occur before any due process is afforded to the suspect. 

Here is an excerpt from my book: 

“Additionally, the NYPD cameras utilize facial recognition technology to identify and track every person who comes into the view of their cameras, very much like China’s hi-tech communist surveillance programs. The NYPD has access to 15,000 cameras, some of which are privately owned by businesses that ‘partner’ with the police to assist them in their broad surveillance. While many civil libertarians are concerned that this broad surveillance violates the freedoms and due process rights of innocent individuals, the police continue to insist that mass surveillance is one of their greatest ‘crime-fighting’ tools.

Many police departments throughout the united states use street surveillance cameras, including Atlanta, San Francisco, and Detroit. In total, over 50 million police and private cameras watch individuals as they go about their daily lives. Many of the privately-owned cameras can be accessed by law enforcement, even without a warrant or subpoena.”

Additionally, the book explains how cops punish people without due process in nearly every area of criminal law. If you thought that you could only be punished by the government once convicted by a jury (or once you plead guilty or no contest), you are more wrong than you could imagine! 

5) Education

Currently, millions of parents throughout the united states are not allowed to educate their children at home unless they jump through many government hoops and allow the government to control the curriculum. These laws are enforced by armed government agents known as ‘cops’. If a person educates their child at home without obeying all of the politicians’ rules or if they try to place their child in a government school other than the one in their district, cops will come to their house with guns and punish the parents, and possibly kidnap the children. 

Now that parents throughout the united states are finally paying attention and standing up to the politicians on their school boards, cops are the ones using force to crack down on the parents. If a mother dares to question the government officials about why they are abusing children with useless masks during track practice, why they are teaching white kids that they are evil, or asking toddlers about their favorite forms of sex, cops come with guns to arrest the concerned parent. If you don’t like the way school boards have been treating parents lately, blame cops for acting as their loyal enforcers. Without the cops, the school board members would have no power. 

Currently, Democrats, libertarians, and many independents already hate police. The last remaining group supporting police are the conservatives. If every one of them called their sheriffs and police chiefs today and made it very clear that they would withdraw all support for them if these aforementioned issues are not fixed, we might see them rectified within a week. 


TheRepublicofIndianStream · March 1, 2022 at 8:34 am

Very well said, and absolutely true. I’m one of those others would call a ‘conservative’ although I find the term repulsive, and have not used it in years. The simple truth of the matter, and I probably have a lot more decades behind me than you do, so it has taken me awhile to recognize this, is that law enforcement first, and foremost, serves and protects the government. They tell us they are here first to serve and protect us, but that is a lie. Given a choice, they will always serve and protect the government first. “He who has the gold makes the rules.” It’s as simple as that, and government is where their paycheck comes from, and from whom they take their orders.

    Alu · March 2, 2022 at 5:48 am

    Well said!!! Thank you!

Deanne · March 1, 2022 at 5:44 pm

I agree with everything in the article, as well as with TheRepublicofIndianStream‘s comment, but…

I have been dealing with neighbor bullying and harassment for years. For many years, we acquiesced and basically took whatever was given to us. Now here by myself, as I lost my mom and my son grew up and is on his own, in 2016, it got worse. In 2020, feeling I had few options, I began legal proceedings.

The bullying and harassment has continued and we (my son has input although he isn’t here much) have felt compelled to report to the police several times since summer 2021 to document some of the incidents.

I don’t know how a situation like this would be handled without police. I must say… they haven’t done anything to help, but at least there is an official record of some of the things that have happened.

Quite some time ago, someone I know said something to this effect: “The only thing worse than police is no police.” I can identify with that sentiment. I am a vulnerable lady alone, dealing with two bullies with big egos. No one can help.

Granted, the police aren’t helping, but if there were no fear of “the law,” I don’t know what these two men might do to me. I think things might be much worse if there weren’t some sort of legal deterrent. Even so, they are continuing to do what they can to tyrannize me and cause me trouble.

Court date is mid-May, but as I told the judge at the hearing in 2020, Wile E. Coyote (the older of the bullies) will never leave me alone. He has proven me correct. A court decision will not solve the problem of irrational men trying to get vengeance on me for finally sticking up for myself.

Please explain to me how having no police would make my situation any better. I am open to hear.

    TheRepublicofIndianStream · March 1, 2022 at 7:24 pm

    Well, in plain simple English you need the police, and can be grateful they are there. Both the post, and my comment were referring to the the strong degree of support the police have historically received from ‘conservatives’, and is that still justifiable ? No where did I read, nor did I ever think that “ police..” is a solution to the abuse / tyranny some have, and are experiencing, from too many in law enforcement. ‘No police’ is an invitation to criminal anarchy while too much of what too many are experiencing now from the police is ‘stiffed armed’ government tyranny. Each situation has to be judged on its own circumstances / details. Hopefully the police can help you out with the guys that are too big for their own britches.

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