It is high time for Republicans and anyone who values liberty, accountability, and quality education to openly endorse the abolition of government-run schools. Conservatives have long supported improving government-run schools and possibly adding taxpayer funds to the government-run education system. Some conservatives support school choice. Many libertarians support total school choice and improving the efficiency of the system. But the education system run by politicians continues to get worse in every way. No matter who is elected and no matter how much pressure parents place on the educators, the system keeps getting worse and never seems to improve in any meaningful way. It is time to get the government completely out of education. Here are the top reasons we must do this as soon as possible:

1) Ineffective education

It is no secret that the government cannot operate any institution nearly as effectively as free individuals do on a voluntary basis. Politicians and government employees simply have no incentive to produce good results. In fact, they often are rewarded for lackluster performance with larger budgets and more power and resources. According to the federal government, children in public schools perform much worse in English and math than their non-government-educated peers. Children who are educated at home are smarter and healthier (and yes, more sociable) than those indoctrinated in government institutions. Despite tremendous increases in taxpayer funds being thrown down the drain of government-operated schools, grades remain stagnant at their terribly low level. 

2) CRT and racism

When you send your children to be brainwashed by the sociopaths who run the government schools, they are being taught that “whiteness” leads white people to make deals with the devil for “stolen land, stolen riches, and special favors.” and that whites “mess endlessly with the lives of your friends, neighbors, loved ones, and all fellow humans of color for the purpose of profit.” If you don’t want your child to hate white people and/or themselves, you must remove them from the indoctrination camps as soon as possible. It is indisputable that the radical left totally controls the government schools throughout the united states and will never lose control of the system. It is also increasingly clear that the radical left strongly believes that all whites are racist and evil, even babies. They proudly admit that they want to begin brainwashing babies as young as three months old with their racist indoctrination. 

3) Sexualization of young children

Increasingly, politicians, school board members, teachers, and other government employees are sexualizing and grooming young children in the most disturbing ways. They are not just doing this to teens; toddlers are being sexualized by the demonic radical left, and they are growing more radical by the day. Many government teachers have molested young students, but their government unions shield them from accountability, meaning that they are almost never punished. Government schools are increasingly assigning books about gay pedophilia to children. 

3a) The government-run schools employ teachers who are increasingly bold in their sick encouragement of children to become transgender.

4) Corona-fascism

For the past two years, government-run school employees have abused our children by forcing them to sit in class with masks on all day. They did this despite the virus being extremely mild, especially for children. There were many reports of windows being closed and air conditioners being turned off during the 100+ degree summer days, which could have caused children to die from heat stroke. The sociopaths running the schools also coerced children to get the experimental, ineffective, dangerous vaccines. They even publicly shamed those who did not get the vaccines: “ ….was pretty fired up today after learning that kids who weren’t vaccinated had a number written on them in Sharpie at the EHS prom last night. If they were on the dance floor they had to raise their hands after every three songs so their numbers could be recorded by other underclass students for contact tracing purposes. There’s even more to the story, but this alone is surprising to us. We truly feel they are literally branding our kids if they don’t get this experimental “emergency” approved vaccine…”

5) Coercion vs consent

Public schools are based on coercion. – and teach obedience and acquiescence to coercion as a part of their structure. The entire government is founded upon the idea that some people are superior to others (like royalty vs peasants or white people vs slaves). We should not allow our children to be educated by the elite class who believes that they are inherently allowed to use coercion and violence to maintain obedience. Taxation, regulations, gun control, and nearly all other laws imposed by politicians violate our natural rights. We should leave their system entirely.

6) “One size fits all” means teaching down to the common (lowest) denominator

Want your child to learn cooking, fencing, electronics, car repair, carpentry, farming, Navajo, or archery? Too bad! Those subjects are left up to you to teach or find a private educator, but the public schools are happy to take your money anyway. Public education will only ever teach simple, non-specialized, generally useless subjects because they are broad and uncontroversial. If you are looking to expand your child’s horizons of what they may be interested in for a career or teach them about the larger world, you will have to find a private avenue for these topics as no public school will start a special class just for one student. The simplistic education model built for the common denominator in public schools is a poor fit for an increasingly complex, specialized, and global modern lifestyle and workplace. Parents looking to give their children an edge in their adulthood and genuinely care for their overall mental health should be pursuing private education options, and public schools should be abolished to return the wasted money and effort to such parents.

7) Pillars of Socialism

One of the core tenets of socialism is to influence, infiltrate, and eventually corrupt free societies from the inside. The most effective method for this infiltration and destruction is the education of the young and impressionable. There is no point in dancing around the truth any longer: taxpayer-funded schools are a core thrust of growing socialism in the West, and this infiltration has had profound negative effects over the last 100 years. The West has never been more racially, ideologically, or linguistically divided since the U.S. Civil War and one of the many reasons for such division is the foundational corruption of the education system. For those few conservatives or Republicans looking to stave off total socialist control, the abolition of public schooling is a required defense.

And no, the schools cannot be saved. They must be abolished. The GOP would be smart to adopt this as an official platform plank.

8) Not Financially Feasible

Did you know that in NH, it costs roughly $21,000 of taxpayer money per student for each school district to educate your children? Did you know that 2/3 of private schools in NH operate at half or less than half of that cost? Currently, homeschooled children in the united states save taxpayers 68 million dollars a year. Why are government schools THAT much more expensive than private options? Simple, they can be. They rely on tax dollars which is VERY easy to justify. You’ll pay anything “for the children”, right? The problem is that they don’t NEED to pay that much for the children. The average homeschooled family spends between $700 to $1500 a year on educating their child. The reality is that in today’s world, there are enough free resources where you can customize your child’s education to make it as cheap or expensive as you want. 

9) Government Schools lack proper socialization

You might have been tricked into thinking it’s the other way around, but have you ever compared the mental health or behaviors of homeschooled children to those who attend public school? As a public school attendee, I can tell you that the socialization there is nothing to boast about. The government schools are riddled with bullying (so much so that elementary students are taking their own life), drugs, behavioral issues, and teen pregnancies. Let’s be honest, we all care about the influence that others have on our own children. When children are infants, they look to their parents to find their place. When they become school aged, they look to their peers.  When they go through adolescence, they look to the world. This is basic Child Development and Psychology, it’s well documented. Who their peers are and what their day-to-day environment looks like matters. This means that when they are in a public school full of bullies (whether they are the ones being bullied or their friends are the bullies) matters. When their school teaches them that they need to fit in, it matters. What their teacher says to them matters. When you take them out of public school, you can find an education (whether private or homeschool) that caters to the morals and life that you wish your child to learn. Children grow into the people that they are surrounded by. There are SO many options for socialization beyond the public school systems. If you are homeschooling, you can vouch for microschools, homeschool pods, co-ops, centers that have clubs and groups attending with like-minded and/or similar ages, and you can find charter or private schools that share the same values that you want instilled into your children. Public schools just don’t have that and it’s clear when you compare the children.

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Jeff Cuttler · April 12, 2022 at 9:01 am

You’re absolutely right about this, Alu. Public schools are broken and can’t be fixed.

Daniel McGuire · April 12, 2022 at 9:43 am

This is not something O expect to see in my lifetime. In my town we couldn’t even get a vote against adding another 40 cents per thousand to the school property tax lay month. It passed by one vote.

Daniel McGuire · April 12, 2022 at 9:44 am

I and last.

Deanne · April 12, 2022 at 10:19 am

Absolutely appalling. I have heard some of what is going on in those schools, but the pictures are disgusting. I do not understand why anyone still sends their children to government schools. When I was in college in the early-mid 90s, we were told that books on homosexuality were being written for kindergarteners. That was bad enough. The stuff that is going on now is mind-blowing and people still are not waking up.

I never sent my son to government school. Within a couple weeks after he was born (1992), I started remembering things that happened to me when I went to government school (grades 1-3) and I quickly decided to homeschool, despite the fact that I had looked down on homeschoolers when I was growing up.

Schools should never have become government entities. In fact, according to the original New Hampshire constitution, this was clearly stated.

The town of Croydon is trying to reduce school expenditures and is in a bit of a firestorm. Although it is not getting at the root of the problem (only dealing with the financial/funding part of the issue), I think it is better than continuing the status quo. This article explains what is going on: I made quite a few comments on the article there.

    Ian · April 12, 2022 at 4:25 pm

    > Schools should never have become government entities. In fact, according to the original New Hampshire constitution, this was clearly stated.

    Article 83 says that the legislature must ‘cherish’ both seminaries and public schools. It’s not clear what ‘cherish’ means, but since it applies to seminaries, it can’t mean ‘fund’, ‘operate’, or ‘regulate’. So it can’t mean those things for public schools, either.

    Article 83 also says that the people have an inherent and essential right to free and fair competition in the trades and industries, and that it’s the state’s job to protect them from monopolies and other conspiracies that would hinder or destroy that right. So the state supreme court decided that this means the state is required to set up a monopoly to destroy competition in education.

    As long as courts are ceded the power to say that black is white, that up is down, and so on, there is absolutely no point in appealing to written constitutions.

      Deanne · April 12, 2022 at 4:38 pm

      I agree that no one (practically) is paying attention to our written sounding documents – most of all those who supposedly swore to uphold them. But what I was referring to was this:

      [Art.] 6. [Morality and Piety.] As morality and piety, rightly grounded on high principles, will give the best and greatest security to government, and will lay, in the hearts of men, the strongest obligations to due subjection; and as the knowledge of these is most likely to be propagated through a society, therefore, the several parishes, bodies, corporate, or religious societies shall at all times have the right of electing their own teachers, and of contracting with them for their support or maintenance, or both. But no person shall ever be compelled to pay towards the support of the schools of any sect or denomination. And every person, denomination or sect shall be equally under the protection of the law; and no subordination of any one sect, denomination or persuasion to another shall ever be established.

Ian · April 12, 2022 at 4:21 pm

You missed the most important point. Governments should not be running, or even interfering in, schools for the same reason they should not be telling people what arms they can have or where those arms can be carried:

If the point of being armed/educated is to be able to protect yourself against your government, how much sense does it make to give the government control of it?

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