On Saturday, October 14th, author Elliot “Alu” Axelman met with local readers in Manchester to discuss Presumed Guilty and to sign their copies. The event was hosted by The Bookery, a popular book store that hosts a variety of events. The shop has been a staple of the community since 2018. Alu held an event for Presumed Guilty at the Bookery in June, which was a smashing success. The store carries the book and has invited Alu back for another book reading and signing event.

The event is free, but those who plan to attend are asked to RSVP on Eventbrite. It is scheduled to run from 5-6 pm.

In addition to being a long-time liberty activist, Alu is a paramedic, boxer, martial artist, MMA coach, podcaster and writer. He is a frequent speaker at Porcfest, Liberty Forum, and other events. Alu resides in Hooksett, NH, with his wife and son.

Alu published Presumed Guilty in May 2022, having grown frustrated by the systemic violations of due process by the ‘injustice system’. After a few years of analyzing and writing about politics, Alu discovered that the civics lessons we all learned as children are very far from the reality of our world. Though we all learned that Americans are ‘presumed innocent until proven guilty’ and convicted by a jury in a court, that is not how it works. When cops approach you, they determine that you are guilty, and they punish you before you could blink, let alone talk about the natural right to due process or the Constitution. From traffic law to self-defense, it seems like we are often punished before being convicted in court. Is there one common root cause for all of the violations of due process? What could we do to restore justice? Or is it a lost cause?

The foreword for the book was written by Ed Mazlish, JD, LLM, an attorney who has worked in constitutional and business law since graduating from both Hofstra and NYU law schools nearly 30 years ago. 

Presumed Guilty was a #1 new release on Amazon in four categories and remains very well-received, selling over 250 copies to date.

Here’s what readers are saying about Presumed Guilty: 

“Alu’s astounding input shows through in this piece, but it is far more than just opinion. His thoughts are justified with real life examples that convey how insane the system has become.” Chet P.

“Axelman has done it again! In a world of red-light cameras, broad warrants, and perpetual assaults on our liberties, Presumed Guilty brilliantly dissects the loss of due process throughout the united states.” Blaine Pardoe, Author of Blue Dawn

“I started this book as a fierce believer in our justice system being one of the best, and now understand I was wrong. In this literature, you will come to understand how DC politicians, with the help of the complacent American public, have contributed to a culture where the constitution and the idea of freedom have been thrown out the door, and we all don’t even realize. I recommend this book to anyone. The author walks you through the important issues at hand, while putting on display specific examples of how the government has shown time and again that even if you have done nothing wrong, you are presumed GUILTY- it is YOUR job to now prove them wrong. And if the government wants you in trouble, they have ways. Do these politicians get in trouble? Do the police? No. Just us, the American people.” – Sophie C. 

“I thought I was a reasonably well-educated college graduate who kept apprised of current affairs. I believed that the American justice system occasionally made mistakes, but that the fundamentals of the system were just and necessary. This book has completely changed my outlook. I’ve literally had nightmares from what I’ve learned. It took me a very long time to actually read it from cover to cover because I had a really hard time stomaching the cold hard truth that what I grew up knowing as “the land of the free” is actually a police-state. As unpleasant as the topics in this book are, I commend the author for clearly articulating such complex topics in every-day English with well sourced information and references. Please read this book, share it with your friends, family, neighbors and community so we may continue to shed light on such grave and systemic injustices.” – Julia F. 

The independent author has sold over 1200 copies of his 9 books since 2021.

Alu has been featured on One America News, The Free Thought Project, Free Talk Live, The Shields Report, Karlyn Borysenko, Zero State, Free State Live, Rebel Civics, and many other shows

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