Elliot “Alu” Axelman created LibertyBlock.com in early 2017 and has written hundreds of articles relating to human freedom over the past five years. The articles and videos have reached millions of readers and listeners. Since 2021, Alu has written and published four books: The Blueprint For Liberty, Corona-Fascism, The Progressive Solution, & Articles of Secession. Today, Alu officially published his longest book, which he also believes is his best work to date. His books are available online via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other retailers. 

The latest book, titled ‘Presumed Guilty’ explores one of the least exciting but most important elements of liberty, human rights, and government accountability: due process

We all learned early in elementary school that in this great ‘land of the free’, we are presumed innocent, and that we are never punished in any way by the government until we are convicted by a jury or until we plead guilty in court. But this could not be further from the truth, as the book explains. 

Throughout the 28 chapters, Alu explores each area of the injustice system and explains how due process is neglected by politicians and law enforcement. From self-defense to property rights, innocent persons are violated by government agents on a regular basis. The book’s arguments are supported by over 500 footnotes, which are found after the final chapter. In the E-book, they will also be hyperlinks.

In every chapter, the author offers suggestions for reforms that could fix the due process violation at hand. By the end of the book, the reader discovers what Alu learned while writing it; nearly every single violation of due process has a common thread, which could lead to the ultimate solution for fixing the injustice system by attacking that one root cause!

The foreword was written by Ed Mazlish, a constitutional attorney with 25 years of experience in his field. Ed is a member of The Liberty Block and a co-host of The Liberty Block’s flagship podcast, ‘The Conservatarian Exchange’. He is the unofficial winner of the ‘Ironman of Liberty Award’ for hosting 100 consecutive weekly podcasts without missing a single one. Each week, Ed and the rest of the eminently qualified cast of co-hosts debate passionately on all issues relating to liberty on the podcast, which is also available as a video show on Odysee, Rumble, Facebook, and YouTube. 

The book could be purchased most easily via Amazon. It is available as a paperback, E-book, and the audio-book is coming soon. You could also buy a personalized signed copy from Alu any time you see him at an event. He accepts all forms of currency and prefers goldbacks, silver, and crypto.   

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The book became the #1 new release in its category shortly after being published!

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