After years of writing about other liberty issues, Alu finally decided that it was time to address gun rights in a book. He figured that if he was going to write a book about the topic, it should be as simple as possible and so easy to digest that any child who can read could comprehend the book’s simple points. As he did with his last book, Alu borrowed from Ian Underwood’s ‘Bare Minimum Books’ style when crafting this book. Each page has around two sentences and only one main point. This makes it very easy for even the most basic readers to absorb the book’s important ideas. But the book has more than enough to keep the attention of experienced firearms enthusiasts and even self-defense lawyers will find in this book ideas they have never considered.

The book is primarily written for supporters of gun rights, including conservatives, libertarians, and voluntaryists. For these people, the book provides guidance on how to educate friends and relatives about gun rights using three totally distinct approaches. Depending on the personality of your anti-gun conversation partner, you may choose to employ one of the three approaches to get them to come around. 

Readers who support some gun control or want all guns totally banned may actually have their minds changed by the arguments in this book, which are based on logic, hard sources, and some emotional arguments. 

After the manuscript, Alu provides over a dozen appendices explaining various aspects of firearms, from tips for carrying pistols to deciphering complicated gun control legislation and everything in between. The book is jam-packed with valuable information from beginning to end. 

Within around 24 hours of being published, the book became a #1 new release in the category of ‘civil rights law’ on the world’s largest book retailer. 

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