With “gun control” again a big issue, we again hear most liberals denying that they have any interest in confiscating weapons from current gun-owners, a few politicians either slipping or admitting that confiscation is their ultimate goal and gun owners saying things such as “they will have to pry my weapon out of my cold dead hands. Others opine that confiscating guns would lead to a civil war, since no one will give them up without a fight, or a similar assertion. I recently heard one person on YouTube, while being interviewed by a conservative host, talking about voluntary or even compulsory buyback programs.

Most unfortunately, I don’t believe that any of these options will be necessary. All politicians need to do (and to me it seems so simple that I don’t understand why they haven’t yet done it) is to simply stipulate that owning and buying guns are a right and not a privilege and no one will ever take that right away. However, professional licenses are not a right. In order for the government (at any level) to renew your professional licenses (barber, trucker, teacher, personal trainer, paramedic, clinical social worker, physician etc.) we have to make sure you are not a danger to the public or your clientele, so we will issue the license as soon as you turn in all your weapons, backed up by at the very least, a sworn affidavit attesting to the fact that you are holding back on no other weapons. With the proliferation of licensing requirements for a ridiculously high number of professions, tens of millions of law abiding citizens would be affected by this.

And why should the government not say the same about driver licences, about which we hear ad nauseum that “driving is a privilege and not a right”. It simply is a privilege that cannot be extended to those who own weapons, as that would present a danger to the public or “the children”.

What would our recourse be in any state that would implement such a program? How many of us could function without our professional licenses or certifications or driver licenses even for a short amount of time? How many of us can afford the lawsuits, most of which we would lose in front of liberal judges? And even if this ever reached the Supreme Court, how confident are we that they would hear it, much less rule such laws unconstitutional? I sincerely hope that my reasoning is totally insane. I ask any serious readers of this to please convince me that it is indeed.