The year is 2027, and President Elizabeth Warren is in her third year as president. With the 2026 midterms providing a Democratic Socialist majority for her to work with, Warren is turning her every wish into law. Last Monday, the Senate passed HR 1984, the ‘Universal Health Care Act of 2027’. President Warren signed the bill into law later in the day at the annual American Socialist Conference, which took place at the White House in honor of the special occasion. This may be remembered as the biggest win for socialists since FDR’s New Deal. The bill will begin the three-year transition from a system of semi-private heath care and insurance to one that is 100% controlled and administered by the US government. All private options for healthcare services, including insurance plans, direct primary care plans, and all other non-government options, will be prohibited by law by 2030. Every employee involved with providing health care in the US will become a federal employee under the new ‘UHCA’ program. Finally, the government will guarantee health care to every individual in the US as a human right.

Although three years may seem like a long time for a transition that has already partially occurred, altering the employment situation for a million doctors, three million nurses, and the millions of other healthcare employees, including EMS providers would be quite a task, even for our great leaders in DC. The UHCA outlines an interesting dissolution process for every private company in health care, from ambulance companies to hospitals and even the insurance providers. The US government will essentially buy out every company over the next three years and take over all of their operations, and then merge the workers with all other federal workers. Health insurance will no longer exist, as every individual within the US would be guaranteed health care without any out of pocket cost at the time of care, similar to the British National Health Service. In order to pay for the health care of everyone in the US, Congress is expected to pass the 2nd major tax increase of Warren’s presidency, increasing all seven of the brackets to 26% for the lowest earner category and to 74% for the highest category of earnings. As we explain later, federal employees will no longer pay taxes, so the tax base will shrink by around 20% over the next decade.

One of the aspects of HR 1984 that has received much less attention than it deserves begins on page 1776 of the 2500-page bill. The section titled ‘Responsible Capitalism; Transition to Ethical Compensation For Federal Employees’ states that:

“Before the year 2035, all federal employees shall no longer be compensated with US dollars or other forms of currency. All compensation henceforth shall be in the form of living assistance in order to ensure a more equitable society. The compensation shall include housing, food, beverages, a vehicle, and healthcare needs at a priority above those not in the ‘US Government health care employee special medical benefits plan’ (as defined by section 45). The total value of the compensation to each employee shall amount to no less than the total dollar value of their compensation prior to the transition. The department shall create a ‘health care provider compensation valuation board’ to determine the value of each provider’s new benefits.

Before the year 2030, all compensation for new healthcare employees of the US government shall be transitioned to the new compensation system.”

This means that all new federal health care employees – and eventually all federal employees (it’ll be around 15-20 million people by 2035) will be compensated not with money but with housing, food, and other benefits that are socialist in nature. At first, this will seem quite attractive to many Americans. No more worrying about taxes, inflation, housing, food, water, cars, education, or Healthcare.

Keep in mind that on page 587, the bill mandates that “No provider shall refuse any service in their normal scope of practice or other normal duties to any patient seeking care. This shall include but not be limited to workers in emergency medical services, emergency rooms, urgent care centers, surgical centers, hospitals, doctor’s offices, or any other location or venue at which a person might seek medical attention, evaluation, or treatment. Refusal to provide adequate attention or treatment to a patient requesting attention or treatment shall be considered a violation of the Human Right to Health Care, as described in section 14c. Such a violation shall be punishable by not more than 20 years in prison and not less than six months in prison and a permanent loss of all health care licenses and credentials.”

Section one of the bill defines ‘provider’ as nearly every employee who works in health care.

Among the many reasons why this bill will revolutionize and drastically improve health care in the US is the criminalization of lying to doctors. HR 1984 does not specifically make it a crime to lie to doctors or other healthcare providers, but it does nationalize every health care worker in the US. And since it is a federal crime to lie to or mislead any federal employee, it would seemingly become a federal crime to lie to any healthcare provider once their employer is technically the federal government (18 U.S.C. § 1001). This will help providers care for patients who may not be truthful when discussing their dietary, exercise, and or daily practices. The bill does officially recognize ‘gun violence’ as a national epidemic and mandates that doctors ask their patients about their firearms collecting, shooting, and safety habits. Considering that patients will no longer be allowed to lie to or withhold information from their doctors, they would be required to inform their doctors whether or not they have firearms at home. They must also be honest and forthcoming with their doctors about mental illnesses or psychological symptoms they may have been experiencing. As soon as a doctor suspects that a patient may be suffering from a mental illness (depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD, PTSD, Schizophrenia, etc.) they could easily have their firearms and ammunition seized by federal police.

Last Tuesday, just a day after HR 1984 officially became the law of the land, a cardiologist from Omaha, Nebraska may have violated the brand new doctrine. Doctor Smith has run a private cardiology practice since 2011 and has been a beloved member of his community since moving from NYC in 2009. He has over 100 patients and goes above and beyond for them whenever he can. Michael White began seeing Dr. Smith a few months ago for his high cholesterol. White, a 54 year old white male, has no other personal or family history or risk factors for heart disease, he is in fairly good shape, and has already had negative calcium score tests and stress tests. He seems to suffer from anxiety and possibly even mild paranoia, so he sees a cardiologist every time he feels the slightest of symptoms like dizziness when standing rapidly, a racing heartbeat during exercise, or shortness of breath around pretty women. When he called Dr. Smith’s office on Tuesday to schedule another one of his paranoia-related appointments, the receptionist, who is also a nurse and Dr. Smith’s wife, asked White to explain his symptoms and ultimately told him that he is almost certainly totally fine and that he should call back or visit an ER if his symptoms worsen. White felt humiliated and furious, and hung up without saying another word. White believed that health care is a human right and that Doctor Smith had therefore violated his human rights.

Michael White began to research how he could file a complaint against Doctor Smith with the government, and then he remembered that the UHCA had passed less than 24 hours ago, and it said that it technically went into effect immediately. A little more research led him to some YouTube videos that explained section 16 of the new bill, ‘Filing A Complaint With The US Department of Medical Compliance’, which was created by the UHCA. The description of the video linked to the government website’s form to file a formal complaint against a health care provider for violating the newly established ‘human right’. Michael White furiously filled out the form and went to sleep feeling relieved and thankful that the US government was protecting his human right to health care.

According to the new federal law, the DMC has two weeks to review the complaint and decide whether to bring the charges to a federal court. Another interesting part of the bill says that once a charge has been made against a provider, their license and/or authorization to practice medicine or to work in health care is automatically suspended until they are found innocent. If you think that the US government would never punish a person before a guilty verdict is reached, you must not have heard of civil asset forfeiture, eminent domain, red flag laws, or any of the other scenarios in which people are punished before being found guilty.

Once the Department of Medical Compliance charges Doctor Smith with violating the new human right to health care, his practice will likely be shut down, at least until he can prove his innocence. The cost of hiring lawyers and travelling to federal court can be expected to run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Technically, even if a neutral judge (Warren has already replaced 87% of federal judges with her own socialist judges) and jury ruled on this case in light of the new bill, they would find that Dr. Smith did violate the new human right outlined by the UHCA. This would result in a good doctor and decent person being convicted of a federal crime and being sentenced to prison for up to 20 years. At long last, health care is a human right! I can’t wait until food, water, and shelter are recognized as human rights, too!