Dear California conservatives,

After decades of fighting tirelessly against the increasingly radical anti-freedom Democrats, as your allies in the perpetual pursuit for liberty, we must strongly recommend that you concede. Socialism, authoritarianism, and anti-American sentiment are gaining steam every day in California, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Progressive Democrats have done tremendous damage to California and they wish the same fate for every other State in the union. We implore you to consider leaving the lost cause that is your home State so that you can help preserve liberty in one of the few States that does still have a fighting chance. If we are to save at least a portion of America, we will need your help.

The anti-freedom government which controls California has consistently gained power – and used that power to decrease personal liberties for decades. The increasingly radical leftist party enjoys a 61-19 supermajority in the California Assembly. Democrats also enjoy a supermajority in the State Senate, controlling 29 of the 40 seats. Of course, the popular governor Gavin Newsom is a radical leftist socialist, as well. This means that they can easily pass any law they desire. And what they desire is a totally communist State.

California’s gun laws have become more authoritarian and communist in nature for the past few decades, and its gun laws are now the worst in the continental US. As you know quite well, if you wish to own a gun in California, you must jump through hoops and overcome barriers which are continually changed by the government. These restrictions include permits, the ‘California compliant’ list, registries, magazine capacity limits, storage and transport laws, et al. You must also pass a government-approved safety class before purchasing any firearm. After passing the NICS background check, you must wait 10 more days to take your gun home. It is extremely difficult to obtain a permit to legally carry firearms in California. A few days ago, a new law went into effect which requires anyone purchasing any amount of ammunition to go through a background check (which costs $1 per purchase but $20 if you fail the check, which happens quite easily). Additionally, one could only buy ammunition for firearms which are registered. California’s ‘red flag law’ allow police to confiscate all of your firearms very easily. California has many more restrictions on firearms and ammunition, all of which violate the natural right to property, the natural right to self defense, and the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution. Democrats aren’t satisfied, though. Next year, they will surely make it even more difficult for gun owners to enjoy their hobby and protect their families. If you move to a state like New Hampshire, you won’t have to deal with any of those restrictions. 

In 2018, California Democrats made California into a ‘sanctuary state’ for illegal aliens. This new law made it extremely difficult to report or prosecute those who have entered the US illegally, even if they’ve committed serious crimes. An illegal alien who re-entered the US illegally after being deported for crimes 5 times was protected by the state’s criminal justice system after he used a federal agent’s gun to murder an innocent woman. He has still not been punished in any way for any of those crimes. Immigrants who are in the US illegally are also given driver’s licenses and automatically registered to vote in California. Democrats are not satisfied, though. They recently passed a law that expands the State’s health insurance welfare program to illegal aliens aged 19-25, which will cost a projected $98 million in 2020. 

Conservatives throughout America have watched California with the dread that one watches a car crash develop. We are saddened when we see California conservatives claim that they will “Flip Cali Red” or “Californians are ready to flip, all they need is one more horrible state law, the next one will be the one that finally causes California to revolt and turn red.” Our message to you is simple – California is never going to wake up because Californians have no limit for the number of leftist ideas their government pushes. If Californians did not rise up when people who have committed a crime are all given taxpayer-funded health care, no amount of craziness will cause them to see the error of their ways. California voters WANT radical leftist socialism.

We encourage you to realize that freedom in California is a lost cause. Your beliefs are ours, your heart is in the right place, and your passion is inspiring, but we feel that you are fighting a battle that has long been lost. It’s time to surrender before you suffer more than necessary.

“I need not tell the brave survivors of so many hard fought battles who have remained steadfast to the last that I have consented to this result from no distrust of them, But feeling that valor and devotion could accomplish nothing that could compensate for the loss that would have attended the continuance of the contest, I determined to avoid the useless sacrifice of those whose past services have endeared them to their countrymen.” – General Robert E. Lee

You live in what is now one of the least free states in the US, according to California’s taxes are among the highest in the US, and its politicians are intent on increasing taxes and spending every chance they get. As you may know, the California state income tax brackets range from 1% to 13.3%. The property taxes are among the highest in the nation, and its state sales tax is 7.25%, plus whatever counties add on top of that. Nearly every other law in California represents the antithesis of personal freedom. The California government taxes and spends hundreds of billions of dollars each year, and taxation and spending are growing very rapidly. The State also seems to be over a trillion dollars in debt.

In regards to the actual voters, you should be even more pessimistic. Only 24% of registered voters in California are Republicans. Less than 32% of the California vote went to President Trump in 2016. California voters continually elect people like Diane Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Jerry Brown, and Gavin Newsom. Electorally, the Republican Party is essentially non-existent in California. In 2018, radical leftist Democratic Senator, Diane Feinstein was re-elected to the US Senate, where she has been for 24 years. She won the election with over 6,000,000 votes. The best Republican in that election received under 600,000 votes – less than a tenth of Feinstein’s total. Why would you continue to hope and pray that everyone in California would suddenly wake up one day and start voting for conservatives? Many of you have already realized that California is totally lost, of course. In fact, so many conservatives have left California that there is now a real estate agency which exists solely for that purpose! 

Although the idea of freedom is unpopular and a losing idea in California, other states have hope. The Liberty Block has contingents in New Hampshire, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Arizona, Indiana, and Oklahoma. There are other states where you can move to and be free, and who are willing to accept you, as the honorable advocates of a lost cause that you are. Other states which may have a chance to preserve freedom for the coming generations include Kentucky, Missouri, Maine, Utah, Idaho, & South Dakota.

States like California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Illinois, Vermont, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Rhode Island, Delaware, New Mexico, and the others certainly will continue to lose more freedom every year until they resemble Venezuela or North Korea. Why wait for that to happen? You fought a good fight – you have earned the right to reach out to fellow conservatives in America and ask to be relocated to a state where liberty can win.  

Read what one Cali conservative who figured out that his survival was at stake wrote online:

“I’m planning to leave California in the near future – and I have never voted Democrat. Unlike the USA – where less-populated areas are equally represented in the Senate – California’s legislature is population-based in both houses. In addition, the “jungle primary” limits the general election to the two top vote-getters in the primary, meaning that in many elections all parties but the Democrats are locked out of the general election. Conservatives like me will, I hope, be welcomed in Texas as political refugees; those of “progressive” viewpoints are I hope told, “Thanks for visiting Texas, now go home.” – Mark

Your valiant efforts in California will remain futile. In a state like New Hampshire, you’d be among thousands of others who left tyrannical states and moved to a place that respects personal freedoms. In this American state, we have the lowest taxes, no gun laws, no home-school restrictions, active and pro-freedom citizens, and all legislators are part-time and earn only $100 per year. Wouldn’t you love to live in a state that respects your freedoms? Wouldn’t you love to live somewhere that your activism can affect policy? 

We live in America. We kindly invite you to join us. 

In Liberty, 

The Liberty Block team, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Indiana, Tennessee, Wyoming, North Dakota, Oklahoma, & Arizona

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