An extremely strange New Hampshire law was brought to my attention a few days ago. The bill seemingly gives New Hampshire politicians express permission to engage in ‘weather modification’. Having read about these ridiculous conspiracies a number of times in the past, I didn’t pay it much attention. The law has since been confirmed to exist, though. Considering how simply the bill states that the government of New Hampshire has the ‘authority’ to manipulate the weather, I figured that it’s at least worth looking into.

Do governments manipulate the weather?

As insane as it sounds, a quick online search brings up huge numbers of sources stating that governments throughout the world do engage in weather modification projects and experiments. This was honestly a large surprise to me. The reasons that politicians attempt to affect the weather seem to range from ‘decreasing harmful weather’ and ‘increasing precipitation’ to ‘pure economic warfare’. If you believe that the government is using this law to modify our weather in any way, you should strongly support its repeal.

Essentially confirming that governments could manipulate the weather, the government signed onto the international treaty to never use such a program to harm another country in 1977.

The other angle

Some individuals may not want to research governmental weather modification for various reasons. These individuals may believe that no politicians would ever authorize any type of weather modification. If a person believes that this law has never been utilized by the New Hampshire government and never would be, they should support its repeal. Why have an unused law on the books?

Is this bait?

Another interesting possibility that I’ve been forced to consider over the past few years of crazy politicking is that this law may be bait. Essentially, politicians propose or even pass a law that sounds insane for the primary purpose of getting pro-liberty activists to jump on it and shout about how politicians are poisoning their constituents with severe toxins being sprayed by airplanes. Of course, these politicians know that most people would immediately disregard such extreme claims by the activists, thereby destroying the activists’ credibility. This tactic seems to be used quite often in politics. Trump seems to bait the left into political traps on a regular basis. If you believe that this law is primarily bait, you should support its repeal.

Failure to repeal

A few lawmakers in New Hampshire did try to repeal this law in 2013. The government quickly killed their efforts, so the law remains in effect today, and it ‘authorizes’ the New Hampshire government to modify the weather.


I know very little about this science, but the consensus seems to be that governments do use ‘cloud seeding’ techniques to increase rain during droughts. There is some debate regarding its effectiveness, though. Governments may also be working on other forms of weather modification. The theory posits that spraying clouds with silver iodide increases the formation of precipitation, thereby increasing rainfall. Currently, the federal government does seem to say that silver iodide is harmful, though it’s difficult to find out how harmful it might be. For the time being, I would support repealing New Hampshire’s law which ‘authorizes’ our politicians to modify the weather. I wouldn’t trust politicians to watch my dog. I certainly would not trust them with the weather.

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