The notion that the democratic party supports LGBT, black, and women’s rights and the conservatives & libertarians don’t is a massive misconception. In direct contrast to the left, libertarians and conservatives believe in and fight for individual rights. One of the most important rights is the right to own and carry a weapon, which every human can obviously do if they choose to, and which is guaranteed to us by the 2nd amendment to the US constitution. Even the US Supreme Court ruled that the bill of rights clearly guarantees that every individual can keep and bear arms.

A woman training to defend herself

Conservatives and libertarians do not make gun laws. The 2nd amendment clearly prohibits government from passing gun laws, and laws only work if you obey them. Criminals, by their very nature, do not follow the law. The left has forever tried to convince us that guns are dangerous, and the more controlled they are, the safer you’ll be. The opposite is true. Criminals love attacking people in gun-free zones, because they know for certain that those victims won’t fire back. If you were going to use your gun to rob a home, would you choose a home that probably has armed people inside of it like homes in Wyoming, or would you rob a home that you know for certain is occupied by unarmed people, like in NYC? If you live in NYC and you follow the law, you cannot arm yourself because you almost certainly have no weapons in your home.

Men don’t rape women who have guns, because they are shot by their would-be victims. Gay-bashers don’t attack armed gay people. They would be shot if they did. Violent racists don’t attack black people who are armed, because they wouldn’t want to be shot.

If you believe in a religion that condemns gay people to death and you chose to kill them yourself, would you choose an armed gay person or an unarmed gay person as your victim? This is very simple logic. By forbidding gay or other minority individuals from owning guns, democrats are leaving them defenseless. Two parties allow gay people to own guns. The only party that does not is the Democratic party. So if you are voting for a party or a candidate because you are a minority and you want to protect yourself, the last party you should support is the current Democrat party, because making guns illegal to obtain is a major part of the democratic party platform.

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