Over the course of his decades-long career, Mark Levin has supported conservative politics and the unity of the united states above all else. He has made it clear throughout his radio shows, books, and other activism that he would never support any peaceful separation or division from the union, even if it were the only path to liberty for him and his cohorts. His near-worship of Abraham Lincoln is ubiquitous. The conservative pundit would prefer to live in outright tyranny in the union rather than endorse secession and live in a pro-liberty, conservative, peaceful state. In addition to his long career as a radio and podcast host, which included some stints on TV and other video media, Levin has written eight books. He has sold millions of copies, and likely lives extremely comfortably, possibly with a passive income of seven or eight figures. His eight books all have the same brilliant message: Democrat policies are immoral and do not work, we need to elect more conservatives to all levels of government, and that will fix the situation. But after writing the same thing eight times over the span of 17 years, Levin has seemingly resigned to the fact that he must change his approach; finally endorsing secession from the union to escape from under the rule of tyrants. 

His ninth book is titled ‘The Democrat Party Hates America’, and it’s set to be released on September 19th of this year. I have not read the book yet, but the title implies that the 65-year-old has given up on saving the union. I could only imagine that he references the great work of Alu Axelman, who explained in depth in ‘The Blueprint For Liberty’ that from the conservative and libertarian perspectives, the policies and culture throughout the united states have grown steadily worse for decades and show no signs of changing, and that the only solution is peaceful separation from the union via secession. 

The book purportedly explains that Democrats are anti-liberty, immoral, and hate what ‘America’ stands for, including liberty, peace, and prosperity. This is hardly shocking, as we know that Democrats endorse the most destructive policies, including high taxes, economic regulation, compulsive indoctrination, gun control, infinite war, rampant surveillance, and many others. Of course, someone as brilliant as Levin surely knows that the Democrats currently control the Presidency, the Senate, and enjoy a large ideological majority in the US House. And on actual policy issues, Democrats are winning nearly 100% of battles everywhere in the union, from LGBT issues to economic restrictions and everything in between. So, if Democrats are evil and hate what we stand for, and if they control the government with increasing power and show no signs of relinquishing that power….the only obvious solution is to separate from them and build our own new society; one that respects the natural rights of all persons. 

Levin has hinted at this change of heart throughout his career. One of his greatest accomplishments was the creation of the Conservative Review Liberty Score. On his website, Levin and his staff rate all 535 members of Congress with a number and letter score. In a 2017 article, Alu explained how Levin himself demonstrated via these scores that the union cannot be saved from the Democrats, because the only ‘Hail Mary’ play that could possibly work was actually doomed to fail

Levin has been a conservative activist struggling to wrestle the union back from the increasingly radical Democrats since working in the Reagan administration in 1981. After over four decades, it is not surprising that he has realized that his approach (and the tactics used by the millions of conservatives like him) clearly did not work. 

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” 

– Albert Einstein

The Liberty Block has not yet been able to confirm whether Levin was influenced by Alu’s nine books arguing in favor of secession or whether Levin has read Alu’s list of 100+ reasons to secede

From the book’s description: 

“In American Marxism, Mark Levin explained how Marxist ideology has invaded our society and culture. In doing so, he exposed the institutions, scholars, and activists leading the revolution. Now, he picks up where he left off: to hold responsible the true malefactors steering our country down the wrong path. Insightful and hard-hitting as ever, Levin proves that since its establishment, the Democrat Party has set out to rewrite history and destroy the foundation of freedom in America. More than a political party, it is the entity through which Marxism has installed its philosophy and its new revolution.”

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