By Regina Barnes for The Liberty Block

Let us briefly discuss the 2022 state senate’s attempt at Constitutional Amendment Concurrent Resolution (CACR) 36 – residency for the purpose of voting. Providing that only residents of the state may vote in elections.

The fact that any republican who has read and understands the state constitution would put their name as a sponsor to this type of constitutional amendment is very concerning.  

I would argue this proposed amendment bill was most likely tabled because the state senate realized it would not get past the house.  

The term “resident” refers to someone who resides, such as a college student. “Resident” is not mentioned in the state constitution, Article 11. It refers to only an “inhabitant” in regard to voting.  An amendment such as CACR 36, to include “resident” is a mere political move and has nothing to do with election integrity. It would actually create more fraud. 

This is a good example of why all the current NH republican senators, named below, need to go with the Democrats:

       Erin Hennessey

       Bob Guida 

       Jeb Bradley

       James Gray

       Harold French

       Ruth Ward

       Denise Ricciardi

       Gary Daniels

       Kevin Avard

       Sharon Carson

       John Reagan

       Regina Birdsell 

       Chuck Morse

       Bill Gannon 

These guys play for the politics of it all and not for the people. We need PROVEN PATRIOTS IN OFFICE.

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