This morning, news broke that our rulers from the federal government dispatched armed agents to raid a few locations in New Hampshire. The US government agents were seemingly searching for people suspected of the crime of using alternative currencies rather than the plummeting dollar. 

Among the targets were Liberty Radio Network studios, whose server was confiscated by the agents. The federal cops also raided stores, including Mighty Moose Mart, Route 101, and others that the crypto users were involved with. 

Tyrants raid bitcoin users
photo by CopChase (YouTube)

The members of the enforcer-groups known as the US Treasury, Secret Service, IRS, and FBI, also involuntarily spirited away multiple pro-liberty activists based in Keene, according to reports, all with the assistance of the Keene police, who secured a perimeter and managed traffic.

The same heavily armed agents also reportedly visited a pro-freedom couple who live in Portsmouth. Derrick Freeman and his partner Steven are involved in ‘Anypay’, a cryptocurrency payment company, as well as the Bitcoin Shoppe, a local store. No property or persons were involuntarily taken in this action, as far as we know. 

The agents did take the Bitcoin ATM that was located at Murphy’s Taproom in Manchester, as well as a Bitcoin ATM in Nashua, according to reports.

Multiple pro-freedom watchdogs are on the scene recording the law enforcement officials and holding them accountable. The raids are ongoing, as of 1:40 PM today. 

According to the watchdogs, a BEARcat tank was on the scene, despite the FBI telling reporters that the suspects presented no public danger whatsoever.

We cannot yet confirm anything about this developing story.

The US Dept. of Justice announced on Tuesday that they have secured grand jury indictments for six individuals: 

Ian Freeman

Colleen Fordham

Renee Spinella

Andrew Spinella

Nobody (formerly Richard Paul)

Aria DiMezzo

The government tyrants admit that no crimes were violent in nature, meaning that no true crimes are even suspected. The government document lists the charges of “money laundering”, “wire fraud”, and “conspiracy to commit wire fraud”. All of these allegations essentially stem from the use of Bitcoin and other currencies not approved by the politicians.

Update: Four of the suspects have been released on bail. Their bail conditions prohibit them from using the internet without approval from their probation officer, prohibit them from owning firearms, must provide DNA samples, prohibit the use of alcohol or drugs, and prohibit them from being in contact with other co-defendants, according to reports.

A fundraiser has been created to help defend the 6 innocent individuals arrested and charged by the federal government. Visit to learn how to help.

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John Best · March 23, 2021 at 11:17 am

It’s curious that they weren’t charged with counterfeiting since Bitcoin clearly violates the Constitution.

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