On Tuesday, June 27th, Aria DiMezzo checked into the FMC Devens federal prison in Ayer, Massachusetts. Dimezzo faced multiple charges relating to her sales of Bitcoin over the span of a few years. She ultimately pled guilty to operating an unlicensed money transmitting business in September 2022. On April 25th, she was sentenced to 18 months in prison and fined $5,000. DiMezzo worked as a manager at Domino’s Pizza and a regular host of Free Talk Live, a widely syndicated libertarian radio show and podcast.

Dimezzo is obviously an extremely dangerous person. She admits to being a transgender satanist anarchist. No more explanation is needed in order to make someone understand that she is clearly among the most violent killers in the world. Her total body count is not known for certain, but one expert familiar with her case told The Liberty Block that she has killed zero people and injured zero more. It is not known whether she defrauded any people via her cryptocurrency sales, but no evidence of such a crime has surfaced. 

DiMezzo posing with a collection of what are likely hired actors, because such a dangerous person could not possibly have any friends.

At the April sentencing hearing, the federal judge took under advisement the pre-sentencing report by the government’s lawyers, the statement from Aria, and the numerous letters sent to the judge by her supporters asking for a light sentence. The judge made a long statement before delivering his sentence of 18 months in prison, far less than the 36 months the prosecutors recommended. Throughout his statement, the judge explained that DiMezzo was such an extreme violent threat to society that she must be incarcerated for a year and a half in order to be taught a lesson and in order to protect the public. She is so dangerous that she was not taken into custody immediately at the conclusion of the sentencing hearing, as is typically the procedure. She was told to report to the prison on her own by June 27th, three months after the sentence was imposed. Considering how scary this tall, strong satanist looks, one could only assume that the officers at the court were afraid to take her into custody at the April hearing. 

The judge mentioned in his statement that he knew Aria had plans to officiate the wedding of her close friends Nikki and Matt, which was scheduled for June 17th. The wedding was at Forkfest, the pre-party for Porcfest, which ran from June 19th until the 25th. Aria was allowed to remain free since the April sentencing hearing, attend the Forkfest wedding, stay at the campground through Porcfest, and then drive herself to the Massachusetts prison. Again, the only imaginable reason the judge allowed the convicted felon to remain free for three months after imposing the sentence must be because she is such a violent threat to society that attempting to imprison her right away could cause her to lash out and harm even more people. 

One June 27th, DiMezzo did self-report to FMC Devens, which was surely a huge relief for all of New Hampshire’s residents. It is not known how many people she killed during her three months of freedom between the sentence and actually driving herself to prison. One highly-acclaimed criminal justice expert and author who is familiar with this case told The Liberty Block that “We are not aware of any corpses related to her actions over the past three months and there have been no complaints or charges filed against her, so DiMezzo has probably not killed more than zero people since April, but we are not yet certain what the exact number is.”

The prison facility is technically a ‘Federal Medical Center’, also referred to as a ‘minimum security prison’ or a ‘prison camp’. It primarily houses male inmates who require medical or mental health treatment. DiMezzo was clearly deemed to be so dangerous that she could not be placed in a medium or maximum security prison, because that might anger her and cause her to kill all of the other convicts. With her size and history, it’s obvious why she was not sent to a female prison. 

Depending on various factors, DiMezzo could be released from prison in 15 months, and possibly even sooner. She may finish the remainder of the 18-month sentence at a halfway house or in home confinement/house arrest. Let’s hope that the ‘corrections’ system can successfully rehabilitate this violent killer, because she could be in your neighborhood before the end of next year, and she may be eager to multiply her body count by any number one could imagine. 

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