Since Liberty Block is now on the ballot in Hooksett New Hampshire per the writer of a recent letter to the editor (LTE), we would like to respond for the record.

Luckily, we agree with the author of the LTE on almost everything she says.

Our understanding of the Free State Project, which we strongly support, is that it seeks to preserve the “live free or die” creed of the great Granite State by encouraging young people to move into New Hampshire – a state that is starving for young workers. We are happy that this writer is on our side and does not want people from outside our state influencing our elections. We welcome her support of laws prohibiting non-residents from voting here. We also welcome her joining us in our opposition to the various out-of-State groups that wish to change our gun laws per the whims of Michael Bloomberg’s, Moms Demand Action & Everytown for Gun Safety, Gifford Gun Control Center, and other anti-freedom organizations. We welcome this writer’s input into how long someone must live and work in NH to no longer be considered an outsider. We assume she supported our opposition to Hilary Clinton’s senate candidacy in NY years ago and more recently that of Mitt Romney in Utah.

We at the Liberty Block oppose government forcing anyone to do anything and we oppose government banning anything that does not directly harm others. We therefore welcome this writer’s agreement on the issues of forcing ownership of anything on anyone and this writer’s opposition to all forms of political correctness that hinder free speech rights. It seems that the writer may have misunderstood a satirical/philosophical article in favor of stronger free speech protections. The Liberty Block in no way dictates what news people should read. More than any other publication we’ve ever seen, we take great care to publish only accurate information, we reference and link to every bill, story, and claim we mention, and we even offer to publish rebuttals nearly every time a person comments on an article negatively.

Another unfortunate part of the LTE might be misunderstood by readers to mean that The Liberty Block and its many contributors seek to change New Hampshire. On the contrary, nearly every single article we publish regarding specific bills in New Hampshire are in opposition to proposed laws which would drastically change our state. We want to preserve New Hampshire’s values. Socialists seek to radically change NH and the whole US into a Cuban or North Korean society in which people have no freedom and politicians control everything. Examples include banning guns, tremendous tax increases, violations of free speech, intrusions on privacy, and anti-school-choice policies.

In the Hooksett special election for State Rep. on March 10, only one candidate supports an income tax, stricter gun control, and more taxpayer funded “affordable” housing.

Ms. Kozlowski, we may invite you to join our slate of contributors–even though we agree on most things, you would be welcome to oppose our opinions on any subjects.

This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Liberty Block or any of its members. We welcome all forms of serious feedback and debate.

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