In a contentious and narrow vote, the New Hampshire House passed a ban on school mask mandates Thursday. The 187-184 vote was opposed by Democrats, who warned that the law would prevent local school boards from protecting students and staff from future contagious diseases. Republicans had a few major arguments, which helped them pass House Bill 1093

First, the principled libertarians within the Republican caucus explained that mask mandates violate numerous natural rights, including the right to breathe freely, the right to bodily autonomy, and the right to make personal healthcare choices. Second, the legislators attacked the efficacy of masks themselves. As numerous studies proved, masks are not effective against influenza or coronaviruses. Third, the New Hampshire state government has the primary authority to make laws, and local governments have very little power. Dillon’s rule is the way things work in New Hampshire, and our large citizen legislature ensures that the system works well. 

Some proponents of the bill focused on the child abuse aspect. Forcing children and others to cover their faces and somewhat suffocate themselves could be quite harmful for a myriad of reasons. Younger children need to see faces to learn communication and social skills even more than adults, and they suffered from the corona-fascism mandates as a result. In June 2021, The Liberty Block reported on alleged child abuse in New Hampshire government-run schools involving forcing students to wear masks in dangerously hot conditions and refusing to use the air conditioning due to the scamdemic. 

Democrats claimed that this bill would handcuff school officials from protecting students and staff in a future pandemic that was extremely deadly and extremely communicable. 

Logically, one could presume that if people were dropping like flies from an ultra-infectious and deadly disease, people would stay at home or wear masks without being forced to do so by government agents. Additionally, the state government could pass mask mandates; the bill only prohibits school boards from forcing masks on people. In 2020, Sununu himself used executive orders to require that masks be worn. And of course, the federal government could mandate masks for everyone at any time. 

The bill now heads to the State Senate, where it will once again face challenges. If more than one Republican defects from the 14-10 majority and votes against this bill, it won’t pass. 

Those who don’t support school boards masking children could call and email their Senators to tell them how they feel. 

This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Liberty Block or any of its members. We welcome all forms of serious feedback and debate. 


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