Over the past two years, corona-fascism has gripped the united states. Almost everyone is affected by this new wave of tyranny. For the first time, conservatives find their unwavering loyalty and support for law enforcement and the rule of law being challenged. Each day, more conservatives are learning that their beloved police officers are the tip of the spear of corona-fascism. When they are placed in cuffs for trying to keep their business open, it’s cops who are punishing them. When they are removed from school board meetings by force for complaining about child abuse, it’s cops using force. 

Here in New Hampshire, the local police officers all seem to have no issue enforcing laws and mandates related to corona-fascism. On November 18th, Plaistow police officers arrested Nolan Pelletier for not wearing a mask while sitting alone at a school board meeting. Months prior, the same cops arrested a 5’2” grandmother for refusing to wear a mask at the school board meeting. Cops in New Jersey have been using violence to punish a gym owner for the crime of keeping his gym open to those who wish to exercise. The list goes on. Everyone is aware that if you violate any norm of the corona-fascism doctrine, armed men called ‘cops’ will come and punish you using violence. 

Interestingly, the primary cohort being abused by the cops are conservatives and those who believe in health freedom. And conservatives are the primary pro-police cohort. What does this mean?

This means that if conservatives really wish to stop corona-fascism in an instant, all they need to do is stop supporting the police. Better yet, they could actively oppose the police. They could start by removing their ‘support local police’ and ‘thin blue line’ bumper stickers from their minivans. They could remove the pro-police signs from their yards. They could call and email their local police departments and express their displeasure with their immoral and unscientific enforcement of vicious laws. They could support defunding the departments entirely. At the next budget committee, town council, or deliberative meeting, conservatives could propose cutting the police budget or punishing them in other ways. If cops are going to be our enemies, let’s stop supporting them.

Many conservatives believe that cops should receive no blame for corona-fascism, because they don’t write the laws; they only enforce them. While this reasoning may seem logical on its face, it is literally the exact same defense used by the Nazis after the Holocaust. The Schutzstaffel (SS) argued that they should not be punished because they were just following orders. Of course, the ‘Nuremberg Defense’, as it came to be known, did not work for the Nazis. So, why is it used by modern American cops and their loyal supporters? 

Ironically, the Nazis’ use of the Nuremberg Defense could be seen as more legitimate than the cops’ use of it. Nazis had no choice but to serve in their positions, because refusal to work as Nazis might cause them to be killed. Today, every single person who works as a cop applied for the position, interviewed, went to the academy, and goes to work every day completely voluntarily, with no coercion. This makes them more culpable for their actions and it makes their Nuremberg Defense even weaker. 

Additionally, cops in the united states have near-total discretion in what they enforce. Just as they do when they witness jaywalking or mild speeding, they could easily ignore corona-crimes. However, they choose to viciously enforce corona-fascism with no regrets and no empathy, not to mention their incredible disregard for actual science. If conservatives made it clear that cops would lose their support forever, I believe that nearly every cop would immediately stop enforcing these sociopathic mandates.

Progressives and liberals already hate the cops. Libertarians and anarchists already hate the cops. Many minorities hate the cops. People who use drugs hate the cops. Conservatives abandoning cops would tip the scales in a way that few cops want to see. They would stop this madness if conservatives stopped supporting them. 

School boards are the other major enforcers of corona-fascism. Despite children being almost 100% immune to COVID, they are abusing children by forcing them to wear masks, navigate ever-changing schedules, regimens, and school shutdowns, and they are even vaccinating children at school against parents’ wishes. Some schools refused to use air conditioning in the summer because they thought that it would bring COVID into the school from outside (yes, government schools are run by real geniuses). Despite all of these crimes, conservative parents continue to support the government schools by sending their children – and their tax dollars – to the sociopathic teachers and school board members. These parents are attending school board meetings and risking fines, arrests, and prison time to plead with the government agents to loosen the abusive restrictions on their children. 

Instead of pleading with the abusers, why not remove your children from their clutches? If every conservative parent in New Hampshire removed their children from government schools, the schools would either cease to enforce corona-fascism immediately, or they would collapse due to the massive decline in enrollment. At this point, the government school system collapsing or being abolished is the best outcome. I don’t think that we could fix the system; it must be wiped out entirely. 

Why would you send your children to a prison-like institution that brainwashes your children to hate freedom, conservatism, and their own parents? And why would you pay for this institution to operate? 


John F Best · December 7, 2021 at 1:01 pm

Cops abuse you because you refuse to your job and supervise our elected servants. It’s YOUR fault. You don’t understand this, do you?

Daniel McGuire · December 7, 2021 at 1:13 pm

While this: “Progressives and liberals already hate the cops.” might seem correct given the defund the police movement in cities, it is not true in New Hampshire. Cops are union members and government employees, so they are frequently Democrats. R’s are the party of the private sector, while D’s are the party of the government sector.

Deanne · December 8, 2021 at 1:49 am

Law enforcement/police is such a difficult subject. I know that some people become cops to feel more important than the rest of us, or to get away with things. I know that it is because of cops (and corrupt lawyers) that innocent people are convicted of crimes they didn’t commit and are sent to prison for years, sometimes life. I know that cops sometimes use their positions as cover for their own crimes. I fear and dread the police. Yet, with the way the radical left has been acting, I am afraid not to have the police.

A while back, I was talking with my son about this topic and he said, “There is only one thing worse than cops: no cops.” That is not a good place to be in, but I see the point. I don’t know what the solution is, but bad cops need to be put in their place somehow. There are still some good ones and I hope they don’t get hurt because of being affiliated with (same uniform) the bad ones.

As far as the educational system, I don’t see how any thinking person can still be sending their children to those schools. My son was born in 1992 and never went to a government school a day in his life. He did spend an hour or two in a private school one day (with me observing), as we scoped it out due to pressure on me to send him to school. I decided against it, so he was 100% homeschooled/unschooled. I don’t understand the mentality of having children and not wanting to teach/raise them yourself. Turn them over to the ruling elite and see what you get in 18 years. Incredible…

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