Legislation filed by Representative Jason Gerhard (R-Northfield) would place a question on the ballot for the voters of New Hampshire. If approved by two thirds of voters, CACR20 would amend the New Hampshire Constitution to say that the state will declare independence if the DC politicians accrues a debt of $40 trillion. As of 10/13, the US debt is $33.5 trillion. In 2020, the debt was under $27 trillion. 

The current gross domestic product (the total value of all services and products each year in the united states) is only $27 trillion. The federal government has $194 trillion in unfunded liabilities, which will soon hit a quadrillion. The DC politicians bring in $4.3 trillion each year from all taxes, but they plan to spend $7 trillion in 2024 (the actual expenditures in 2024 may exceed $10 trillion). 

Thanks to inflation of the money supply by DC politicians, home and car prices have more than doubled since 2000, while median incomes have only increased by 13% during that time. The amount of dollars in circulation has increased five-fold since 2000, as well. Since January 2020, the US has printed 80% of all US dollars in existence.

amount of dollars in circulation/printed by DC politicians

Of course, there are over 100 other good reasons Granite Staters want to secede from DC. 

In a press release by the New Hampshire Independence PAC, Matt Sabourin dit Choinière commented that “The political situation in this country has only worsened in my lifetime, and for voters who are dissatisfied with the choices they have for federal offices this election cycle, it’s important for them to realize there’s another option.” The PAC was formed in 2022 by two US Military veterans exhausted with the federal government’s endless spiraling toward tyranny and insolvency. 

Alu Axelman, former President of the Foundation for NH Independence and author of numerous books about peaceful secession endorsed the proposed constitutional amendment:

“The people of New Hampshire have a right to vote on whether to remain bound to DC elites by the chains of debt. Every legislator should proudly vote in favor of this measure. If they believe their constituents would vote against the amendment, they should be eager to place it on the ballot to assuage fears of discontent with the federal government.”

In a public hearing on the legislation, its opponents will need to argue that the voters do not have a right to choose whether to live under the rule of DC, no matter how much debt the politicians rack up in our names.

In order to pass, the bill will need the support of three fifths of the House and three fifths of the Senate. It would then need two thirds of the voters to support it on the ballot. 

Another bill filed by Matt Santonastaso (R-Rindge) seeks to create a study commission to explore the challenges and solutions to various issues that Granite Staters should be mindful of as secession grows more realistic. Being a standard bill, it would pass with a simple majority in each chamber and the governor’s signature. 

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MrLiberty · October 21, 2023 at 12:10 am

I’d vote for it at this level of debt. I would have supported it at 1/10 the debt. Time to end this failed experiment.

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