Marketing genius, gun-rights activist, and corona-fascism awareness zealot Chet Peters has been one of the boldest liberty activists in the world over the past few years. Adding on to his full-time job as a gun accessory manufacturer, Peters turned much of his attention to corona-fascism in 2020, when he created the ‘Fake Mask’. This brilliant product came in various styles, from normal masks to thinner and more breathable ones, to ‘offensively fake masks’ which more closely resembled lingerie or translucent mesh. His websites and social media accounts for the business were canceled more times than he could count, but he still sold hundreds of thousands of units. 

In addition to traditional advertising via Facebook and TikTok, Peters took to the skies to overcome the censorship and cancellation by chartering airplanes to fly banners over Cleveland Browns and Indians games with corona-fascism-related messages, including strong condemnations of the Ohio Dictator who embraced corona-fascism. 

In an interview in October 2021, Peters told The Liberty Block that after and FakeMaskUSA.come were canceled by the web hosting platforms, he took the movement ‘worldwide’. As of this writing, is live. His products include a gaiter that has a ‘real’ and ‘fake’ side and could easily be turned around to allow for easier breathing or for more protection (from corona-fascists). 

On January 1st, Peters took his untraditional activism to the next level when he published his first children’s book, in what he told The Liberty Block was a ‘soft launch’ without much marketing yet. Let’s Go Brandon!’ follows the adventures of a porcupine as he makes friends and learns a little bit about corona-fascism. The illustrations are excellent and it provides an educational, fun, and easy read for children. 

On April 23rd, the book was ranked #32 on all of Amazon.

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Deanne · May 4, 2022 at 9:03 pm

I almost didn’t even click on this article, just from the title, but decided to give it a chance. I should have followed my instinct, but after seeing it and quickly escaping, I decided I should come back and give my perspective.

I find the saying offensive for several reasons. 1.) I disagree with tying the name that many people have with a negative connotation, and worse, an obscenity. 2.) I disagree with using euphemisms to say things that shouldn’t be said. 3.) I find it extremely offensive and degrading that such filth (words and gestures) is becoming more and more mainstream and accepted.

If you wonder where this country is heading, seeing what people do and hearing what they say is a good indicator, and it concerns me very, very much. If you wonder what children are being taught, well, here it is. They are being taught to use word combinations of which they don’t understand the connotations, which mean things that they don’t yet comprehend, to which they are gaining a familiarity and acceptance, due to the degrading role models that are being promoted and held up as acceptable and good.

The graphic in this article, with a smiling female using obscene gestures is quite disturbing. This is not ladylike or decent; it is offensive and degrading. When I see or hear a female participating in such filth, I often wonder… is this really how men LIKE women to act/speak? Is this the type of thing men find attractive these days? It is very distressing when men (they are not gentlemen) do these things, but I find it particularly degrading and offensive when women (they are not ladies) do so.

So, if these are the role models for our children and our young people … well, folks, all hope is lost. Goodbye, common decency. Goodbye, courtesy and respect.

As for me, I have, and will continue to speak out against such degrading and morally subversive filth.

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