On Tuesday evening, November 14th, TimCast.com released a new documentary titled ‘Infringed: Gun Rights In America’. The film was created by Lauren Southern, a long-time conservative commentator.  Ed Powell, one of the co-hosts of “The Conservatarian Exchange on The Liberty Block podcast, was involved as a producer on the movie, assisting Southern with research and setting up the interviews for the film. 

Infringed follows and documents Southern and her team as they travel all over the United States exploring public opinion on gun rights. Some of the interviewees support gun control while others support gun freedom. 

In Northern Virginia, Southern interviews state delegate Nick Freitas, Virginia’s leading gun rights advocate in the state legislature.  Freitas informs the audience that only the large-scale, peaceful, armed demonstration in front of the state capitol in Richmond in January, 2020 prevented the Democrat-led legislature from banning “assault weapons”.  In other words, activism does work.  Stephen Stamboulieh, attorney for the Gun Owners of America, described how he is fighting a number of illegal gun control initiatives of the Biden administration.

The team interviewed Cody Wilson, the founder of the homemade firearm movement. He explained that modern technology such as 3D printing and easy file sharing have made gun control obsolete. They then traveled to Oregon to meet with Andrew Pollack, whose daughter was murdered at the Parkland school shooting. He related that the shooter who killed his daughter was known very well by the police, and the tragedy would have been prevented by professional police work. They then discussed other mass shootings and discovered that the police and FBI were extremely familiar with the shooters, sometimes visiting their homes dozens of times. Pollack argued that psychotic and dangerous people could be arrested and prosecuted for threats while maintaining due process

They then transitioned to red-flag laws, which some of the advocates argued could be implemented without violating due process and natural rights too severely. 

Pollack mentioned that criminals do not obey laws, so new gun laws by definition cannot stop violent people. 

They interviewed Stephen Willeford, the hero who used his AR-15 to shoot the man who was murdering people at his church. He and another bystander then chased the wounded shooter as he fled in his vehicle, until the shooter was no longer a threat. Older Asian people in California have also formed neighborhood watches to do the job of protecting the public. 

The crew addressed Clinton’s ‘assault weapons ban’ and how it did not decrease gun-related homicides.  Interviewing conservative author and columnist Kurt Schlichter, who was in the California National Guard during the Rodney King riots, the team found that the government left the populace basically helpless in the face of violent rioters for days before deploying the national guard. During the riots, Koreans defended themselves from the onslaught of violent black gangs against their homes and businesses by using their firearms and perching on rooftops to defend their properties. 

Gun YouTube was featured in the film, as well. Southern visited with Donut Operator and AK-Jesus, two of the many popular personalities with large gun-related YouTube channels. 

Humorously, the crew made fun of authoritarian politicians who want to ban firearms and accessories that they know nothing about. 

By the end of the film, the crew had trouble finding people who support gun control, even in leftist strongholds like LA and Berkeley.

Perhaps most importantly, the film called out the NRA for supporting gun control throughout its lifetime. Southern does a great job explaining that democide is the natural result that follows from the disarmament of the people. One of the few parts of the film that was totally new to me was the reason the Germans were largely disarmed when Hitler rose to power in the 1930s. I thought Hitler disarmed the Germans, but I was wrong. In 1919, the world governments drafted the Treaty of Versailles, and Germany’s government signed it, bringing an end to WWI. The treaty required Germany to demilitarize and forbade its citizens from having firearms. So, Woodrow Wilson and the League of Nations (the predecessor to the UN) were largely responsible for the Holocaust. Not only did the treaty disarm the German people, but it screwed Germany so badly that it gave rise to the massive resentment that fueled WWII. 

The film was executive produced by Tim Pool and is available to members at Timcast.com.  We highly recommend readers invest their $10 in a membership to see this film and support the efforts of Pool and Southern efforts to bring important documentaries to the public awareness.

We also recommend that readers check out Alu’s recent book about gun control and how to defeat it in three distinct ways. 

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